About us

Lovelly by name, Lovely by nature, Lovelly Communications is working with people, business’ and brands in a creative way to get results.

Founded in September 2009, Lovelly Communications puts an emphasis on close customer relations, two way conversations and engaging content. Customers are core to our business model and we share in their success.

Our mission is to provide a comfortable, creative and productive environment where clients can work with us to achieve the best marketing and publicity results possible.

Services offered include PR, Marketing, Promotions Social Media and Copywriting. For unique style in your events, creative web content and absorbing articles, Lovelly is the way to go.

For more information and to see some examples of Emma’s writing please visit:

Travel blog: http://lovellyinc.wordpress.com/
Page on Explorer girls: www.explorergirls.com/user/lovelly

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your online/offline marketing and promotion needs:

Director Emma Lovell
Lovelly Communications
Lovelly by name, Lovely by nature

Mobile: +61 413 955 970
Email: lovellycommunications.emma@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LovellyCommunications
Twitter: @Lovellyinc
LinkedIn: Emma Lovell – http://www.linkedin.com/in/emmalovelly
Instagram: @lovellyem
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lovellyinc
Website: www.lovellycommunications.com


Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia

I am currently undertaking a full time contract with World Vision Australia as a content manager for the Run India campaign. My views on posts shared through this blog and via my social media channels are my own.

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