About us

Lovely by name, Lovelly by Nature.

Lovelly Communications is run by Emma Lovell, she’s passionate, professional and Lovelly. Emma is a personal branding specialist who helps CEOs, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs to better communicate their key messages and present their true, authentic self.

Founded in September 2009, Lovelly Communications specialises in personal branding. We love working with people to get their brand noticed. We create conversations and encourage engagement by generating interesting and dynamic content that builds relationships.

Calling on her 10 years of running a business, she uses her skills in social media, promotions, copywriting marketing and PR to help clients share their message with the world.

For more information and to see some examples of Director Emma Lovell’s writing, visit:

Travel blog: www.travellerem.com

Lovelly Communications blog: www.lovellycommunications.com/the-goss/
She Defined: www.shedefined.com.au/author/emmalovell/

Contact Emma to have a discussion about your brand today!

Emma Lovell

Mobile: +61 413 955 970
Email: lovellycommunications.emma@gmail.com

Facebook: Lovelly Communications 
LinkedIn: Emma Lovell
Twitter: @Lovellyinc
Website: www.lovellycommunications.com

Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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