Isn't she Lovelly

Meet Emma

I hope right now the Stevie Wonder song is playing in your head. My friend used to sing this to me every time I answered the phone to him. What a joy!

When you have a strong brand, everyone connects to it and has fun with it. That’s what’s happened with Lovelly. Whenever friends, family or colleagues say the word lovely, they think of me.

Now, not everyone will have a catch phrase or a name that can be cheekily turned into an adjective, but you can still have words, phrases and a presence that is aligned and truly represents who you are.

You’ll be working closely with me, Emma Lovell (but feel free to call me Lovelly), throughout the program. I also run workshops and offer speaking engagements. Whatever the scenario, whether it’s one on one, in a group or on a stage in front of thousands, you will always get the Lovelly experience.


So why should you work with Emma? Because she’s passionate, professional and lovelly. Let’s explore this some more!


I have a zest for life and I love what I do. I am dedicated to working with my clients to bring out their unique personal brand and to share that with the world. It’s what drives me and I’m excited to learn more about each person I work with and share in their story.


I may wear unicorn pants and often work beside the beach, but I am a consummate professional and I bring my 10 years of experience in PR, marketing, social media and writing to my work. I show up for my clients and I’m committed to achieving the best outcome for each person I work with.


I’m lovely by name, lovelly by nature. Of course this is a play on my surname but many years ago I was asked “why the double L?” Someone else offered “double the life” and I’ve owned that ever since. I am engaging, personable and charming as is consistent with the typical lovely characteristics, but I also bring my enthusiasm and passion for life to my work. What you see is what you get and with me it will always be lovelly.

To discover how to communicate your unique personal brand, book a call with me today.

It’s time to share your story.

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  1. Hi I got your information from the new Australia Afterlife Explorers Conference which I will be part of and was interested in your services! Could you help??

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