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Ready to start showing up more as you are? Then here’s how you can work with me, your personal cheerleader and brand coach!

Lovelly Brand Builders

Do you find it difficult to talk about your brand or business?

Are you lacking the confidence you need to succeed?

Introducing Lovelly Brand Builders, the program that will help you to gain clarity about your personal brand, understand your target market and find what makes you unique from the crowd, plus help increase your connections with people who align with your values.

Lovelly Brand Builders supports you when:

Emma Lovell Lovelly Brand Builders Course

Lovelly Brand Builders supports you when:

Emma Lovell surrounded by two lovely women smiling and laughing at each other

You can't find YOUR clients

People can't seem to find you or you can't find them.

You attract the people YOU want

I will teach you how to gain authority in your space, attract more likeminded clients and let you stand out.
Emma Lovell helping her personal brand clients find confidence in their business and personal life

You doubt your expertise

You are incredibly talented but imposter syndrome is kicking in.

Grow your confidence

By understanding your target market and how to communicate consistently, you'll be shining for all the right reasons.
Emma is thinking and smilling

Your message isn't clear

You send conflicting messages that don't align with you or your brand.

Consistent brand messaging

You will get access to free Canva templates to help your brand grow online and communicate in an effective and unique way.

How To Live and Love Your Brand Course

Get ready to be inspired and share your unique message with the world – join the How To Live and Love Your Brand Course.

Feeling a bit lost and disconnected? Not sure how to talk about yourself or convey what you’re really trying to achieve?

Your personal brand is the combination of skills, experiences, personality and values that make YOU who you are. That is your uniqueness. Only you have walked your path. Only you can tell your story. And it is time for you to share that with the world.

In this 8-week online course you’ll gain clarity about how to talk about who you are, the confidence to show up, and the tools and skills to increase your connections for greater opportunities with your business.

Ready to share your message and vision with the world? Find out more about this course

Strategic Personal Brand Coaching

Emma Lovell with a client for strategic brand coaching

Want to take your brand to the next level and need dedicated consultation?

This is the coaching package for you!

You’ll have Emma’s undivided attention and access to her full range of skills and expertise.

Use your sessions to get advice, review content, build strategies or work through mindset blocks.

Whatever you need! This is your time to build on your brand and Emma is here to back you every step of the way.

Strictly limited to 10 clients at any one time.

Book in a free discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you!

Rest & Receive Retreat 2023 for Female Leaders

Join us for our first International Rest & Receive Retreat in exotic Kerala, India

Immerse yourself in the exotic culture of Southern India.

Join 12 amazing women for a retreat to disconnect your senses, then reconnect as you create lifelong friendships.

Over 5 incredible days you’ll learn more about yourself and your business than you ever could in your office. It’s time to escape the everyday!

Move forward with clarity, connections, and confidence to achieve your personal brand and business goals.

Together with Emma Lovell, you’ll embrace your true self, discover your potential and work out a clear plan to succeed.

Watch our video to see highlights from our 2022 retreat and what you can gain from this unique opportunity.

Personal Brand Photoshoots

When you invest in your personal brand, it shows.

Quality photos of you, as you are, can build trust, attract the audience you want and give you the confidence you need to put yourself forward!

We remove the awkwardness by creating a supportive and fun environment with a group of amazing ladies to bring out the real you, capturing images you, and your audience, will love!

Is it time for a brand refresh? Join us for the next Personal Brand Photoshoot Day!

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Want to start showing up right away? Get your FREE Personal Branding Guide!

Not sure where to start with personal branding?

Get your FREE Live & Love Your Brand Guide: An introduction to personal branding here!

Live and Love your brand by Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications eBook

Not sure where to start with personal branding?

Live and Love your brand by Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications eBook

Get your FREE Live & Love Your Brand Guide: An introduction to personal branding here!

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