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Live and Love your brand with Lovelly

In 2019, Lovelly Communications celebrated its 10th anniversary. And it felt time for us to have a transition and a change as I’d evolved and so had the business. So moving from a communications, marketing and social media focus – we shifted to Personal Branding. 

I remember asking someone at the time “but how do I say it? How do I go from what we did to what I’m focusing on now”. And a wonderful friend, colleague and mentor said “you just say it!”

So – here we are. My name is Emma Lovell, the owner and founder of Lovelly Communications, and I am a personal branding specialist. I’m passionate about inspiring people to live and love their brand. I do! I’m Lovelly by name, lovely by nature.

Lovelly Communications Personal Branding Specialist

But you don’t need to have a catchy/ play on words surname to have a brand. EVERYONE already has a personal brand, they just may not be in control of the message or making the most of it.

I truly believe that you have a unique message and mission to share with the world. However, our own brand can often get lost behind titles, roles and expectations. When we are living in alignment with our true, authentic self we can have better connections and a greater impact.

I help people to better communicate their personal brand and share their authentic selves with the world. I support my clients to gain confidence, clarity and connection to attract the work and the life they want.

You might be at the same point in your life where what you “do” has changed or you’re not really feeling connected to who you are anymore. I love helping people in this time of transition to reconnect with who they really are and I’d love to support you on this journey too. 

Contact me today to arrange a discovery call and let’s get you on the journey to living and loving your brand.