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Invest in yourself!

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

It’s something I’m really passionate about both in our personal and professional lives. And as someone who believes in walking the walk as well as talking the talk, investing in myself is something I’m consistently trying to do.

In October, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast with Amanda Kendle, and the topic of Writing Retreats came up. This is something I’ve always thought sounded rather lovely but a bit luxurious and a maybe one-day thing. A “wouldn’t it be nice” kind of idea.

In this year of limited travel, it seemed even more luxurious and also slightly out of reach. So I joined the host in daydreaming and putting it on the “another day” list.

The following day I was in a Facebook group where the writing retreat topic came up again! And someone had posted they were actually hosting one.

The palm trees in the post instantly caught my eye and I clicked the link. I couldn’t believe it! This retreat was to be hosted in Mission Beach in Queensland ( the state where I live and where travel was open). It was happening the following month and with this crazy year I have been booking very little ahead so the dates actually worked for me. And to my greatest surprise, it didn’t have the exorbitant price tag that usually comes attached with anything titled “retreat”.

I was essentially in on the spot! I contacted the host, the lovely Kerstin Pilz from Write Your Journey, and said “how do I sign up?!”

It all felt so right! The timing, the tropical location, the writing element and most importantly, the space for me!

So little announcement: I’m actually currently 7.5 months pregnant. So life’s about to look quite a bit different. More on this soon – but in terms of the timing, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I saw this as a gift to myself. But more importantly, an investment in myself. Creating space and time to be creative. A chance to be alone with my brain and to just see where my ideas and thoughts took me.

It turned out to be the perfect getaway and the most wonderful five days of reconnecting with myself. Travel and writing are two of my greatest passions and to be able to indulge in these again really filled my cup.

I know that I need time to myself and time to switch off. It’s so important to find out what it is that will reconnect you to you. In our lives, we get so caught up with to-do lists, the daily grind and always pushing forward. It’s so easy to lose that connection to self along the way.

Even on my first day at the retreat, I felt more myself than I had felt for months (I had felt quite off-kilter – a result of the pregnancy and the topsy turvy year that has been 2020). Knowing what would bring me, as Kerstin says, “back home to myself” really helped to make this decision. Investing in myself was a no brainer.

I cam back refreshed, full of ideas, writing more than I have in months and thoroughly enjoying the creative process again!

So when was the last time you really felt like yourself?

Do you know how to “come home” to you?

Is it time to invest in yourself?

Talk to me! I love hearing from you and getting to know you better. So hit reply and let me know what’s happening in your world.