Emma Lovell featured in The Weekend Australian promoting ethical travel

Today Emma was featured in The Weeksnd Australian speaking about ethical travel. Emma wrote her top five travel tips for travelling ethically and taking on some amazing experiences.

Here is an excerpt:

Trekking to Everest Base Camp was always on my bucket list, so when I got the chance to go there with World Vision Australia in March this year I jumped at the offer! Not only did I get to trek to base camp while raising money for communities in Nepal, but I got to see the work World Vision does first-hand. The people of Nepal now more than ever need our continued support. To donate to the Nepal earthquake appeal, visit: http://wva.me/nepal-relief

The article is also online and tweeted here:

The insiders: ethical travel with Emma Lovell featuring @WorldVisionAus @inspiredadvntrs @blackdoginst #ethicaltravel http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/travel/the-insiders-ethical-travel-with-emma-lovell-from-world-vision/story-e6frg8rf-1227342807157


Emma is trekking to Happiness in Bhutan with Black Dog Institute

Our Director Emma Lovell is taking on another amazing adventure with Inspired Adventures and Black Dog Institute. 

“It’s time for me to take on another challenge! This time for a cause so close to my heart, Black Dog Institute – raising awareness about mental health.
From the 8th-19th October, 2015, I’ll be embarking on the Black Dog Trek to Happiness through Inspired Adventures to raise funds for Black Dog Institute.
In 2005 I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which soon led to depression. It’s hard to think back and image how low, dark and sad my days were. It’s like slipping into a black hole and not knowing any way out. I was so fortunate at the time to have the love and support of my family, access to quality health care professionals through my school and a wonderful local GP who understood mental health. The Black Dog has come back to sit with me a few other times but after gaining skills and knwledge on how to manage my depression, I know that for the future, I will be ok and I can take this path to happiness.
It’s not like this for everyone. Some people don’t understand what mental health is and when they are in that black hole, don’t see the help they can receive to find a way out of the darkness. The wonderful work of Black Dog Isntitute is helping those in need and educating our community on mental health. With their support, individuals and families can learn how to cope and live with mental health.
I trekked to Machu Picchu with Black Dog Institute in 2012 with an amazing team raising more than $60,000. I met a fantastic guy on that trip, Rory Hayward who was passionate about mental health and the work of Black Dog Institute. In January 2013, Rory sadly passed away from a heart condition. In signing up for this trip, I used the motto his friends have formed “What Would Rory Do? (WWRD)”. I tribute this Trek to hHppiness and my fundraising efforts to the memory of Rory.
photo 2
Each year, Black Dog Institute aims to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of depression and Bipolar Disorder and improve the lives of those affected by these mood disorders. Please help me in my cause by donating through my page.
Thanks so much for your support of this wonderful organisation and yet another of my CRAZY adventures!

Help this inspiring woman Kristen Briggs in “Women of the Future” Competition – Vote for her!


Incredible to see inspiring friends of ours taking on new and exciting challenges around the World. Kristen Briggs is an awesome intrepid traveller. She’s been to more countries than we can count and she works for an amazing company, Inspired Adventures. She helps people everyday to raise $1000’s for charity.


kristen briggs


She is now in a competition to WIN $1000’s which she will donate to a huge project in Philippines which will change lives!


Here are the details in Kristen’s own words. We hope you can take the time to click the link to The Australian Women’s Weekly competition and help her WIN!


From Kristen Briggs,


Hi everyone,




Ive been selected as a semi-finalist for the The Australian Women’s Weekly ‘Women of the Future’ award and I need your help to win the readers choice prize.


 women of future


Earlier this year I went on a medical mission with Operation Newface and I met a 17-year-old boy who had worn a bandana around his face his whole life because he was ashamed of his lip. I went and watched his operation and to see his whole life transform was amazing.




If I win $20,000 will go to Operation Newface Philippines Inc. helping them continue operating on people that have cleft lip and cleft palate in the Philippines.

Please help by registering your votes here – http://bit.ly/1tvD1gH

There are no restriction as to the number of votes permitted per day per person. If everyone could share and vote for me as much as possible and ask your friends and family to do the same it would be greatly appreciated. Voting for the Reader’s Choice prize closes on August 27, 2014.

Thanks for your support in helping keep my dream alive.”


VOTE now and let’s see what amazing things Kristen can do next!


Enjoy the life that you have been blessed to live

Recently I shared an email from a lovely young woman who shared with me her admiration for the way I live my life. This was a huge compliment and such a great validation for what I am doing in my life.

I posted her email to a blog here: https://lovellycommunications.com/2013/05/20/an-email-reminder-of-why-i-do-what-i-do/

I’d like to also share with you my response to her and the advice I gave in how to live and work the life you want. This was a great reminder. Maybe ask yourself “Why do I do what I do?”

Infinite possibilities in the Salt Flats of Uyuni Bolivia
Infinite possibilities in the Salt Flats of Uyuni Bolivia
Darling you brought tears to my eyes!
Thank you for validating my life choices and for reminding me of why I do what I do… It’s because I’m Living!
Life has ups and downs. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother, this is going to be a tough time, but I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the best advice I can give is to take each day as it comes and not think too far head. Everything happens for a reason and life will take it’s course. We must make the most of each and every day.
Working at events with wonderful people. Comedian Gina Yashere
Working at events with wonderful people. Comedian Gina Yashere
You have inspired me to take my own interview – I write one for my Travel Blog and one for my Lovelly Communications website. I ask people I admire to respond to the interview and I post it as a blog. I’ve been meaning for some time to answer the questions myself- and tonight I will do that very thing! With this, I think I’ll answer many of your questions – and actually some of my own.
Everyone has that fear and that doubt when finishing college. For me actually I wished I had nothing on, I wished I had the world open to me and no plans. But I was already running my business, I had 2 contracts and a huge event to run. I knew exactly what I was doing the day after my final exam, 10 hours of work! But I loved it. My advice is to find a balance between work and play. I live to extremes and especially at that time after college, I worked myself into the ground- took a month off and then travelled for 3 months and it made me stop and think what do I want from my life? What’s it all for? And then… I moved to Melbourne – a new city in my same country and doors went flying open and opportunities were in abundance.

Meeting wonderful people in Business such as Cheryl Lin who inspired me. Love Melbourne for this.
Meeting wonderful people in Business such as Cheryl Lin who inspired me. Love Melbourne for this.


Ok so I feel we have many more conversations ahead of us but here are some life lessons I’d like to pass on to you:
  • Change is the only constant. You need to learn to accept change and move with it. Change is always happening and will always happen, your ability to ADAPT is what is key!
  • Live each day as if it were your last! Recently I lost a friend to a heart attack. He was 24. It shook me to my core. He lived his life with passion – he climbed Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu (actually with me) and he made the most of life. Do what you love and just live.
  • Life has ups and downs. Don’t ever ask for normal. You know on a heart monitor what happens when the line is straight and flat… you’re dead! So go with the highs and lows- this means you are living!
  • Don’t look at the rest of your life and feel overwhelmed. Start to look more short term. Take each day as a lesson – mistakes you learn from and opportunities are there for taking. IT’s all about learning. Don’t let it overwhelm or consume you – then you won’t enjoy.
  • You don’t need a lot of money! Please don’t think I’m rich. Well actually, I am Rich! I’m rich in memories, in friendships, in the blessings that life has given me. $$ come and go – it’s the memories we make and the moments we share that make it all worthwhile.
Have fun at work! I love the snow and getting to work with Mt Buller promotions.
Have fun at work! I love the snow and getting to work with Mt Buller promotions.
Work hard. Play harder. Enjoy the life that you have been blessed to live.
So let us speak again soon – I hope this gives you hope and you continue to read the blogs.
Start a blog! Today! I broke my back and was house bound – I took the time to rest and to start this blog and business I’d been wanting to start for years! I’m so thankful for breaking my back- it made me stop, think, rest and to start doing the things I wanted to. Everything happens for a reason. So all you have to do is start – the rest will come.
Thank you again! This is a beautiful gift you have given to me.
Anything is possible. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with Inspired Adventures for Alzheimer's Australia NSW
Anything is possible. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with Inspired Adventures for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW

Article for Charity Climb in The Leader Newspaper

We help you get to PR for your business but ewe also have had some experience receiving PR for ourselves.

Director of Lovelly Communications, Emma Lovell, was featured in the the Sutherland Shire Leader Newspaper about her Climb to Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. She went on this adventure with Inspired Adventures and was able to gain some space in the local paper through sending a Press Release.

emma in leader- alzheimers


If you have a story about your recent activities and believe it would be newsworthy, why not contact your local paper.

Viking Biking TV

Introducing you to an amazing initiative by two young men who are giving LIFE A GO!

The Viking Biking Project.

The guys started this adventure after taking on an incredible Inspired Adventure which I love to go on, and learnt more about Amnesty International and the amazing country of Cambodia. This led them on to their next epic adventure:

The Viking Biking adventure isn’t just about having fun and showing the beautiful people and countryside of Cambodia, it’s about two mates learning who they are and finding out what they’re capable of. This is a story of friendship, adversity, beauty and inspiration that will not only entertain, but inspire people to get out there and make a difference themselves, to discover the world, to challenge their ideals and to make the most of this beautiful life we are given.

Learn more about this great project at:  http://www.pozible.com/project/15318


A message from the lovely Dave Zwolenski who is running this great initiative:

“Without your support we really cannot make this dream happen, and so we ask from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Small amounts are great. $10, $20, whatever you can spare… but if you can go a bit higher into the $50’s and $100’s, then that’s even more amazing.

www.pozible.com/vikingbikingTV – that is our site

If you really can’t give (and we totally get it) then please tell your friends about us. Tweet about us. Facebook about us. Blog about us. Whatever you can to spread the word about two best friends riding their bikes around the world, dressed as Vikings, because they want to experience life to the fullest and to turn those experiences into entertainment for you to watch and hopefully laugh at.”



Our aim is that once this pilot has been made, we present it to as many networks and production companies as we can, and, as it will be the most entertaining and wild pilot anyone has ever seen, a network would be crazy to say no to turning it into a full series. Our overall goal is for us to ride six (maybe more) countries around the world dressed in our Viking gear, making new friends and exploring parts of the world many dare fear, filming the entire trip, show you aspects of the world you never knew existed.

This is our dream guys! We want to open people’s eyes to the world, inspire you, make you laugh, entertain you and hopefully add to the current Australian television landscape by producing home-grown, good quality TV that people can relate to. We appreciate your support and promise to deliver a TV Pilot that will make you laugh, cry (honestly there is one scene that you will need a box of tissues for) and above all, entertain.

We sincerely Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! (SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!)

Lots of love and respect from Viking Dave and Viking Redd (and Viking Camera-Man Dan).

So get behind these guys and help them make a difference!

Inspired Adventure for a cause

Inspired Adventures is a charity challenge company who assist 1000’s of people raise MILLIONS of dollars for incredible causes and organisations around the world.


Director Emma Lovell has been on two amazing adventures with Inspired to Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and Machu Picchu for Black Dog Institute.



She is now featured in the new Ride to Happiness for Black Dog Institute Information pack withInspired Adventures talking about her most recent experience with this great charity.

black dog institute ride to haopiness pdf

Lovelly Communications has also been lucky enough to work with Inspired Adventures, reaching out to possible participants and using her story to encourage others to take on the challenge!


Will you give it a go? Can you conquer Kili or trek along the kokoda trail or cycle around Cambodia? What Adventure for a cause will you take on?

 life is about kicking ass and not kissing it

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