Isn’t She Lovelly!

Emma Lovell is the director and owner of Lovelly Communications and the woman known as “Lovelly”. Emma is passionate, professional and Lovelly. She believes that no dream is unachievable. Emma loves working with people to get their brand noticed and that’s why started her own business, to help people share their stories, and their passion.

Photo credit: Fleur Navarro

Emma is a personal branding specialist, freelance travel writer and speaker. Her ambition and skill with the written word have enabled her to work on a wide range of projects such as websites, articles, press releases and social media accounts. She’s also loved working with big brands and small businesses to support them in sharing their message with the world.

Emma loves to travel and has been fortunate to include this in her work, visiting clients nationally and internationally and working with travel industry clients. Emma believes through her experiences she can inspire others to get out there and explore the world and have some of the truly amazing experiences that she has been lucky to have. She also applies these principles to business and encourages clients to shoot for the stars. Believe in yourself and share your unique and authentic brand with the world!

“Tell everyone what you are doing with your business and in life, when you share your passion, others can’t help but jump on board” says Emma.

Emma uses her passion for connection and her 10 years of experience with marketing and promotion to help her work closely with her clients and achieve the best results.

She is also fun, outgoing and always up for a chat. Feel free to contact the Lovelly lady by visiting our contact page.

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