You can re-write the story

Sometimes you have a bad day. A rough phone call. A nasty email. You question your very ability to do your work. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But there is one, and another day, things are better. Now, how do you choose to tell that story?


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I’ve had a few low blows recently. In my business and in my working life. Situations that have come out of left field and dealing with characters that have been rather unsavoury. It’s left me furious at times, in tears at others, and ultimately unsure of what action to take. I find myself clutching out for answers and reaching out to friends and colleagues – telling the story of what’s happened, trying to make sense of it, but often when there’s so much that has occurred in a relationship, how can you even know where to begin?

Quickly, I turn on myself. Instead of TO myself. Questioning and doubting, these thoughts run through my mind:
“Did I not set boundaries?”
“Am I upholding my end of the contract?”
“Am I putting in enough effort?”
“Did I fulfil the brief?”
“Am I putting out a negative energy?”
“Is it me making this task so very difficult?”

Self reflection is great! Check in with yourself and understand the situation. But stopping believing in yourself and doubting your ability, your judgement and your integrity … and you’re on a dangerous path.

Sometimes, we are dealt a low blow to teach us a lesson. To take something from it.

One of the best things I choose to do at this time is to call on my network, speak to my tribe. The people who know me, believe in me and who will also speak the truth to me.

A walk and some sun on your face can also be super beneficial to clear the mind.

A dear confidant I reached out to gave me some sage advice. She listened, she acknowledged my challenges and empathised that I had been hurt. After going over all my trials and tribulations, and ultimately revealing I’d come out into the light at the other end of the tunnel, she asked me this: “Now, how will you tell this story?”

It was such a crucial point in the whole experience. I am the master of my own story. I can write it however I want. Shall I go on re-telling the victim story. How I was SO hurt and SO hard done by. Or do I tell the parts where I was acknowledged for the work that was done, recognised for my efforts and share the valuable lessons I can now take in to future client relationships. The story is mine and mine only to tell. Including when I re-tell it to myself.

The other great tip was to instead of questioning and doubting, leading to the negative, do a check-in with yourself. Ask yourself questions such as:
“Have I done what I said?”
“Am I comfortable with how I’ve acted in this time?”
“Do I stand by my actions?”
“Have I fulfilled my end of the contract?”

Instead of judging yourself and accusing yourself first of all fault, perhaps check in and give yourself the credit. If you find that you are at fault, then own it! However, if this situation is more to do with their “stuff”, then move on from there. Proceed with the necessary steps to resolve a conflict and take the lessons that you need.

Whatever happens in our business, or personal lives, we can take as an experience. The past is the past, it has happened. But our future is filled with blank pages ready to be written on. We can choose to steer that story in a hopeful and optimistic way, or keep turning back to dwell over the lines. Reading them over and over again. Playing the sad old story on loop in our minds.

I choose to re-write my story. For myself and for my future clients benefit. I’m grateful for this lesson.

When have you had a time where you’ve managed to review a situation and re-tell the story in a positive way for you?

Q & A on Customer Centric Social Media

It really should be said that all social media, at its core, would aim to be customer centric. However, when running a social media campaign, the customer can get lost in the noise.

I was asked a little while ago to comment on this trend and the move to customer-centricity. I’ll be sharing my answers over a few blogs.

  1. Why does the business need to shift from a product-focused approach to a customer-centric one?

My approach to social media is always relationship first. So customer centric is an easy shift with the method and approach I take. It’s about building relationships, creating conversations and engagement. This is such a great customer management tool – to be able to speak one on one to the customer but on a large platform.

  1. How can the business use customer insight to improve how the business can get better at delivering to the customer?

This is virtually a free survey of your market. You can see what your customers are doing, how they like to interact and communicate. Questions to audiences on social media are so powerful. I use questions such as “ What motivates you to start your day?” What’s your favourite.. “ “What is the best song… food.. etc. when you are feeling low?” You can pose it as a conversational question but actually you are gaining valuable insight into who are your customers. Or be direct? If you could make one change to our product/ service, what would it be?

  1. Why is customer centric so important today?

Using engaging, creative and conversational content, the relationship can build with customers. I’ve worked with large organisations to implement strategy and we have found it to be successful. I’ve also worked with artists and performers who are doing well with numbers but after working together, with a more conversational customer approach, they have seen the engagement and interaction rise. This is always my focus. People want to feel like they have a connection, that they are being head, not just a generic number amongst your many customers. Two way communication and initiating conversation will build trust with your customer.

  1. What is driving this trend and why?

The market is becoming crowded with businesses on social media. Customers are now savvy to the marketing tools such as Facebook advertising, links promotions, email subscriptions. Their inboxes are flooded and it’s becoming hard to step out above the noise. They want a personalised/ customised approach. They want to have loyalty products and brands and minimise the mass communication. If you can speak to them, they will listen.


More on this topic coming soon!

Some of my favourite inspiration quotes – keep it in perspective!

Sharing a few of my favourite inspirational quotes, because some days, we need a little something more. Visit my facebook page, where I post a quote most days.


Live for the present and the future will look after itself.


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
~ Dalai Lama

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.

~ Buddha


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

~ Mohandas Gandhi
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

~ Dalai Lama


What quotes inspire you?

It’s BACK TO THE FUTUE DAY – What would you tell your younger self?

Today is Back To The Future Day! The day shown in the movie where they go to the future and everything is crazy different. Is it as they predicted in 1985?

Very proud to be included in an article about the upcoming date of BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Read the full article here!


I was asked by writer for HuffPost Australia, Sarah Cannata, “What would you tell your younger self?” and this is what I had to say!

Emma Lovell – Director at Lovelly Communications

When people say “You can’t”, it’s actually them saying “They can’t”. You can! You will! You do! Dream big! The bigger the dream, the better. When there is an opportunity, take it. You need to trust your gut and go with what feels right for you, whenever you do, it will be right. You will be able to make the biggest decisions in a heartbeat – moving countries, starting a business or joining an epic adventure. Your heart will lead you in the right way and you must trust in that. Most importantly, never give up. Sometimes it’s hard to stand alone, to be different and to go against the grain. In order to be true to you, this is what you must do. Take the chances and the opportunities that come your way, and strap yourself in for an awesome ride!

So! What would you tell your younger self?

Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media

Social media is  a part of marketing in today’s business climate. It just is. Whether you want to get on board or not, it’s happening. But how can we make the most of it? Emma Lovell, Director of Lovelly Communications, has been sharing her insight into the world of social media via monthly articles with Social Biz Magazine.

Here are some of the links to her articles so far:

How responsive are you on social media?

This issue has been one that has consistently bugged me this year in both my professional and personal life. Friends of mine have heard me have a good rant about it and, even when not directed at them, realised the effect their inconsistent communication can have on the other person…

How I raised $4000 for World Vision using only Social Media

I don’t believe what I did was spectacular. I know the result of my fundraising will be incredible and make a huge impact to the work of World Vision Australia in Nepal, by changing the lives of women and children. But I simply made a plan for my social media campaign and followed a strategy.

world vision

The long and short of this post is that social media is not hard to use. It’s about applying practices, strategies and having a method to the madness. When there is a plan and a reason for social media, there can be results.

Social Media is the Ultimate Word of Mouth

If you don’t tell people that you have a social media account, that you have a Facebook page, they’re not going to know. If there are no links on your website or a listing of what your twitter handle is, how would someone know they could write to you there?

Social Media for Good – The most effective way to promote causes and campaigns on Social Media

Use your powers for good! This is what we hear the good guy saying to the bad guy in movies all the time. So why don’t we apply this theory to our Social Media:. Social Media for Good. We are seeing more and more not-for-profits and NGOs harnessing the power of Social Media

Why shameless self-promotion is acceptable on social media!

So remember, promote yourself, tell your audience everything you’re doing and let them join in the party! But also take the time to listen to them, hear their praise, criticism or thoughts! Build the connection and you will build your audience. Go on, indulge in a little shameless self-promotion this month!

Social Media is Undervalued

Social Media is such a reactive and responsive media. We have always talked about two-way conversations as being the optimum means of communication with an audience. PR aims to do it, email and direct marketing gave us some insight into this, but social media is leading the way. You can reach out to your audience via various social media channels and receive and instant response. Likewise, a customer can tell you, in real-time, when they are in a café or purchasing your product. What an incredible opportunity to understand your market and meet their needs.

To read more from Emma on Social Media, make sure to check in regularly on Lovelly Communications and subscribe to Social Biz Magazine. 

100th Post on Lovelly Communications “The Goss” Blog

WOW! 100 posts. Quite a milestone for our business blog.

Thank you to everyone who has read,liked, commented and contributed to to this blog! We appreciate your being here with us and sharing in the experiences and activities of Lovelly Communications.

As the big 100, this probably should reveal something profound and inspiring. Well, for that, we have to steal someone else’s words. This beautiful quote was sent to us by a friend the other week and we believe it really encapsulates the entrepreneurial spirit.


Live life to the full, believe in yourself, work hard and dreams really do come true!

Thank you for supporting Lovelly Communications

Show and Tell – Speaking out against Bullying

Show and Tell recently posted a fantastic video of Michala Banas speaking about when she was bullied in high school. It was heartfelt, real, confronting and honest. It was a beautifully done video and it brought to my attention this great website.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 4.18.25 PM

Today again, the video has been posted as well as an article : OK. Time to stop the bullying. 

The video was again shared and the article talks about how bullying is affecting not only children but adults in work places and even amongst friends. Here is a short excerpt from the article:

“Today is National Day Of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Bullying is a huge issue in schools and even workplaces. The bottom line is, it seriously sucks to be bullied.”

Show and tell were also great to include this wonderful show, Darkness and Light which will be on at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. You can follow the show and learn more about it @DrknessAndLight on Twitter and on facebook at

Darkness & Light

I really love this new website, Show and Tell. It’s boomed since starting only a month ago and is picking up pace as it shares beautiful content such as this article and video on bullying.

The website is based around intimate, raw and honest interviews with well known Aussie females. We want to talk to female celebrities, authors, politions and women who are prominent in their field about career, love, family, friendships and other topics that interest and affect women.
There are plenty of great US conversational shows where women act as a voice for other women, but we couldn’t find enough of this stuff featuring our own Aussie women so we thought we’d make our own! We aim to make Show + Tell somewhere we can come to feel inspired, have a laugh, and maybe even a little “ah ha” moment along the way!
The website is also a place you can visit for a daily dose of lifestyle – our take on the news of the day, interiors, food and fashion – your one-stop-shop for all you need to know.
Show + Tell was made to inspire and literally show and tell other people’s experiences to the world. We always try to go back to the fundamental understanding that we want to offer an escape for people and will continue to add categories to give more places to peruse and inspire.
Follow on twitter: @Show_And_Tell_
I hope you enjoy this site as much as I am and share the experiences with these women as they share their lives with us.

Answer Your Messages

Whether it’s your voicemail, text message, email, Facebook wallposts, Facebook messages, Twitter @ reply’s or Direct Messages, Linkedin Inbox, or any other form of communication – Answer your messages!

Due to the multimodal communication we now engage in every day, I think people have become slack in their responses due to the number of messages they receive.

I’m sorry – In my book, there is no excuse. If someone takes the time, effort and energy to reach out to you, you can have the basic common courtesy to respond to them in a timely fashion.

This has been something  that has consistently bugged me this year in both my professional and personal life. Friends of mine have heard me have a good rant about it and even when not directed at them, realised the effect their inconsistent communication can have on the other person.

Lovelly communications is the name of my business and communications is what I do. I pride myself on my ability to respond and communicate to my customers, partners and many other members of my network.  I cannot hold everyone to the same high standard, so I’m lowering my expectations not my standards.

We can follow some basic principles for business and personal communication that will hold your credibility in tact and allow for a good communication system.

–       Respond to messages in a timely manner.

–       Every message gets a response at some point, especially if it is business related.

–       If you cannot respond to a call, have an informative voicemail.

–       If you are away on work, or out of communication, have an “out of office” message with a realistic timeframe of when you can respond to people.

–       Have an auto-reply on your email to notify people you have received their message and will get back to them in a matter of days or hours. It can meet your standards and expectations of course.

–       Social Media – The same rules of offline communication apply to online. If someone engages with you, acknowledge this with a thanks, comment or even a like. Unless you are a celebrity with 1000’s of messages every day, this is totally possible. This will also encourage engagement with your audience and make people feel valued and appreciated.

Endeavour to tighten your communication systems and your method of response to messages. It is important to you and your business but it’s also important to the person who is reaching out to you.

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