You can re-write the story

Sometimes you have a bad day. A rough phone call. A nasty email. You question your very ability to do your work. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But there is one, and another day, things are better. Now, how do you choose to tell that story?   I’ve hadContinue reading “You can re-write the story”

Q & A on Customer Centric Social Media

It really should be said that all social media, at its core, would aim to be customer centric. However, when running a social media campaign, the customer can get lost in the noise. I was asked a little while ago to comment on this trend and the move to customer-centricity. I’ll be sharing my answersContinue reading “Q & A on Customer Centric Social Media”

Some of my favourite inspiration quotes – keep it in perspective!

Sharing a few of my favourite inspirational quotes, because some days, we need a little something more. Visit my facebook page, where I post a quote most days. Live for the present and the future will look after itself. ————————————————————- Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate theContinue reading “Some of my favourite inspiration quotes – keep it in perspective!”

It’s BACK TO THE FUTUE DAY – What would you tell your younger self?

Today is Back To The Future Day! The day shown in the movie where they go to the future and everything is crazy different. Is it as they predicted in 1985? Very proud to be included in an article about the upcoming date of BACK TO THE FUTURE! Read the full article here! I wasContinue reading “It’s BACK TO THE FUTUE DAY – What would you tell your younger self?”

Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media

Social media is  a part of marketing in today’s business climate. It just is. Whether you want to get on board or not, it’s happening. But how can we make the most of it? Emma Lovell, Director of Lovelly Communications, has been sharing her insight into the world of social media via monthly articles withContinue reading “Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media”

100th Post on Lovelly Communications “The Goss” Blog

WOW! 100 posts. Quite a milestone for our business blog. Thank you to everyone who has read,liked, commented and contributed to to this blog! We appreciate your being here with us and sharing in the experiences and activities of Lovelly Communications. As the big 100, this probably should reveal something profound and inspiring. Well, forContinue reading “100th Post on Lovelly Communications “The Goss” Blog”

Show and Tell – Speaking out against Bullying

Show and Tell recently posted a fantastic video of Michala Banas speaking about when she was bullied in high school. It was heartfelt, real, confronting and honest. It was a beautifully done video and it brought to my attention this great website. Today again, the video has been posted as well as an article :Continue reading “Show and Tell – Speaking out against Bullying”

Answer Your Messages

Whether it’s your voicemail, text message, email, Facebook wallposts, Facebook messages, Twitter @ reply’s or Direct Messages, Linkedin Inbox, or any other form of communication – Answer your messages! Due to the multimodal communication we now engage in every day, I think people have become slack in their responses due to the number of messagesContinue reading “Answer Your Messages”