Business Profile: Sam Lippiatt from Health and Fitness Travel

Health and Fitness Travel is a luxury wellness travel company specialising in creating exceptional healthy holidays around the world. We are Australia’s only dedicated health and wellness travel agency.

Business profile: Sarah Cannata, professional writer

It’s amazing how Twitter and social media in general can connect us. I was fortunate through my good friend and Twitter expert Keith Keller to be introduced to writer, Sarah Cannata. Sarah is a passionate writer who has recently given up the corporate world for the freedom of freelancing. I was of course all inContinue reading “Business profile: Sarah Cannata, professional writer”

Business Profile: Amy Darcy – Owner Blog: Eat, Pray, Workout

Introducing the wonderful Amy Darcy, owner and writer at the blog Eat, Pray, Workout. Amy and I met through the #WVABloggers program with World Vision Australia. Amy is a passionate blogger, keen to share her tips and tricks to a healthier, happier you! I’m enjoying following Amy’s journey and picking up some great bits of infoContinue reading “Business Profile: Amy Darcy – Owner Blog: Eat, Pray, Workout”

Sponsorship and Support through Fitness for Emma Lovell, #Everestbasecamptrek2015

Big thank you to Shawana Dillard Reisner of #LightenUpWithShawana who is helping me with my #Everestbasecamptrek2015 fundraising! She’ll be promoting my cause and donating funds from her programs to the fundraising page. What a lovely idea, pay it forward. You can learn more about the trek and my fundraising here: Here is what Shawana has to share: Life is full of beauty and everyday heroes. I was extremely inspiredContinue reading “Sponsorship and Support through Fitness for Emma Lovell, #Everestbasecamptrek2015”

Help this inspiring woman Kristen Briggs in “Women of the Future” Competition – Vote for her!

  Incredible to see inspiring friends of ours taking on new and exciting challenges around the World. Kristen Briggs is an awesome intrepid traveller. She’s been to more countries than we can count and she works for an amazing company, Inspired Adventures. She helps people everyday to raise $1000’s for charity.     She is nowContinue reading “Help this inspiring woman Kristen Briggs in “Women of the Future” Competition – Vote for her!”

How to use your story to inspire others

You can use your story to Inspire others. You can come from a difficult place and turn it around. This is what Trevor Brown did, and now he is sharing his story. This is how Director Emma Lovell came to know this story and be inspired.  One day in Melbourne I was catching a tramContinue reading “How to use your story to inspire others”

Working with DWA – Disabled Wintersports Australia

We would like to thank Disabled Wintersports Australia (DWA) for their wonderful recommendation. “Emma selflessly helped Disabled Wintersport Australia with it’s social media campaign. Her patience in explaining this platform and the ability to tailor the business plan for us was outstanding. Her product knowledge and clear communications are key in really understanding the wantsContinue reading “Working with DWA – Disabled Wintersports Australia”

Working with Copywrite Matters

We met the delightful Belinda Weaver at a networking event in Melbourne for writers. A great conversation, shared passion for the written word and a few laughs led to a working relationship. It was a delight to work with Belinda who knows exactly where her business is going and she shows that passion in everyContinue reading “Working with Copywrite Matters”

Business Profile: Gath Adams – I want that Flight

My passion for Travel writing and travel itself led me to attend the TravelMassive meet ups that I learnt about through Twitter. Gath Adams was one of the great people I met at one of the Melbourne meet ups and I loved his business concept and his passion for travel. I want that Flight isContinue reading “Business Profile: Gath Adams – I want that Flight”

Business Profile: Neil Burton of Mash Marketing Australia

This is a profile I have been waiting to write for quite some time. Neil Burton is the owner of Mash Marketing Australia, a great mentor to me and a dear friend. Neil and I met in 2010 when I joined the Mash Marketing staffing agency in its very early days. We had a wonderfulContinue reading “Business Profile: Neil Burton of Mash Marketing Australia”