Continuing the conversation on customer centric social media

A few months ago, we were asked to comment on the importance of customer centricity in social media. Our view – highly important and it should be the focus! Have a read of some of our responses on how to achieve customer centricity through social media. How can the business generate personalised customer interactions? ThisContinue reading “Continuing the conversation on customer centric social media”

Q & A on Customer Centric Social Media

It really should be said that all social media, at its core, would aim to be customer centric. However, when running a social media campaign, the customer can get lost in the noise. I was asked a little while ago to comment on this trend and the move to customer-centricity. I’ll be sharing my answersContinue reading “Q & A on Customer Centric Social Media”

What has Lovelly Communications been up to?

Well hello everyone! We thought it was time to check in and let you know what’s been happening over here at Lovelly HQ. This is something we would like to make a regular thing, keeping you updated on all things PR, marketing and social! Emma has just finished up a contract with World Vision AustraliaContinue reading “What has Lovelly Communications been up to?”

New year and you’re making big plans for 2016 – 5 tips for making your dreams a reality 

It’s a new year and it’s the time when we all sit down with a big new notepad and map out how our year is going to be!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out as we planned and this can leave us feeling disillusioned. This should not stop us in this time of excitement! ButContinue reading “New year and you’re making big plans for 2016 – 5 tips for making your dreams a reality “

Running a business as a sole trader can be HARD

I’ve been running my own business now for six years this month and it’s been an incredible journey. At times though, it’s HARD. It’s really hard. I want others to know that and for other business owners to be able to share too. There are some incredible perks to being your own boss. You pickContinue reading “Running a business as a sole trader can be HARD”

Business Profile: Amy Darcy – Owner Blog: Eat, Pray, Workout

Introducing the wonderful Amy Darcy, owner and writer at the blog Eat, Pray, Workout. Amy and I met through the #WVABloggers program with World Vision Australia. Amy is a passionate blogger, keen to share her tips and tricks to a healthier, happier you! I’m enjoying following Amy’s journey and picking up some great bits of infoContinue reading “Business Profile: Amy Darcy – Owner Blog: Eat, Pray, Workout”

Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media

Social media is  a part of marketing in today’s business climate. It just is. Whether you want to get on board or not, it’s happening. But how can we make the most of it? Emma Lovell, Director of Lovelly Communications, has been sharing her insight into the world of social media via monthly articles withContinue reading “Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media”

A few life lessons we’ve picked up along the way

My 5  favourite life lessons I’d like to pass on to you. No this isn’t business advice, it’s more reminders for a nice way to look at the world. Change is the only constant You need to learn to accept change and move with it. Change is always happening and will always happen, your abilityContinue reading “A few life lessons we’ve picked up along the way”

A bit of R & R for a new business direction

For the next 6 weeks, Director Emma Lovell, has taken some much needed R & R after a busy year at Lovelly Communications. Holidays are good to rest and refresh but also a great chance to clear the head for new business ideas and direction. Sitting on beaches in Ibiza and walking through the cobbledContinue reading “A bit of R & R for a new business direction”

Market Research – How to speak to your customers

Market research is crucial to understanding your customers, audience and who you want to speak to. Whether you’re an established business or just getting started, you can always re-visit this process to hone in on the business direction and tailor your offering to the right people. What type of research should you plan? You don’tContinue reading “Market Research – How to speak to your customers”