Continuing the conversation on customer centric social media

A few months ago, we were asked to comment on the importance of customer centricity in social media. Our view – highly important and it should be the focus! Have a read of some of our responses on how to achieve customer centricity through social media.

  1. How can the business generate personalised customer interactions?

This will depend on the business and the scale of the business. A company like Coca-Cola is going to struggle to have personal communication – however their name on the bottle campaign was an excellent way to speak to people individually. Cleary there are 100’s of 1000’s of Emma’s out there. But to see my name on the bottle was a thrill and made me want to buy one. There are competitions, highlighting customers through photos and commenting back on their posts and interactions, which can draw customers in to grow the relationship. I am a fan of photo competitions and “comment of the week” “photo of the week” – show you do recognise their loyalty and support.

  1. What are the best tools to do so?

As per above, I like competitions. I think this is a way for people to engage as there is a reward at the end. Asking customers to share something of their life through a photo, video or post. This is also viral content.

  1. What are the common mistakes to avoid?

Avoid sending generic emails with “Dear Emma” i.e. entering my name. Clearly it’s a generic email, don’t try and disguise it as personal communication. Be honest when you are speaking to the masses. Also on social media, generic “Thank you for your message” comments. It is time consuming but take the effort to tailor responses to people who are actively trying to connect.

  1. What are some of the key insights you have uncovered that businesses should know before embarking on this strategy?

Work out what it is you want to learn about your customer or what it is you want to communicate. Go in with a plan and with an end game. Who do you want to reach and why? What do you want them to do as a result of their increased communication? Are they telling their friends about your business? Do you want likes? Do you want them to come to an event? Do you want them to watch a video. Clearly communicate to the audience that you want to take action and let them know what action you want them to take.

  1. Can you share an example, a moment of best practise?

We ran an Instagram competition, a photo competition. We had a weekly finalist and a monthly winner. We shared other photos that had been posted throughout the week to show that people were entering and to show that we appreciated it. One of the weekly winners posted and shared the photos for weeks on end and the photo got so many comments from friends. We thanked them on Facebook, Instagram and by private message. The genuine communication made them reach out more. We definitely increased the brand awareness through this exercise. Genuine and consistent communication with your fans and customers will help spread the word.
One more blog to come on this topic!

Published by Emma Lovell

My name is Emma. Owner and Director of Lovelly Communications, I specialise in Personal Branding and key messaging. I'm also the Australian representative for Take me to India, a luxury boutique travel company in India. I feel blessed to run businesses that give me the freedom to follow my true passion, travel! I'm happiest when I'm having new experiences. Whether it's a new cafe down the road, a bucket list item like Everest Base Camp or seeing friends in another city, I truly love travelling! So please join me in my many adventures across my many sites. And please do contact me for information on any of the above!

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