Why customer centric is essential in social media

This is the final instalment in sharing some insights on customer centricity in social media. The customer is why you are on social media. Communicating to an audience, this may come in a number of forms, but ultimately you’re trying to get someone to invest, take action or raise awareness.

These were the final questions asked of us about customer centricity in social media.

  1. How can you make your customer centric service a seamless event across marketing channels?

This will take a strategy that needs to be carried out through all levels of the business. From management, to production and process, to sales. All area of the business have to be on board with what is to be delivered to the customer. Remember what it is you are doing – what is the need of the customer that you are fulfilling. This will help to provide the best service. Why do they use your business? What do they want? Identify that need that you can meet and communicate this in the marketing. One message! Internally and externally.

  1. What are the best ways to enhance this interaction? How can you use the channels to your advantage?

The multiple channels provide ways to meet the different market segments of your business. One message delivered in different ways. Short and sweet on Twitter, detailed in email, visual on Facebook and Youtube. Ask them to interact on each. Retweet this if you agree. Comment, we love to hear from you. Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching. Again, give them the direction of how you want them to interact. Don’t just put the information or content out there, people like to be given a direction in beginning a conversation or engagement. You can help them with this by having a clear call to action.

  1. Are there any specific channels for specific types of communication and business? Why?

There are so many channels these days and it can be overwhelming trying to choose which ones are the best to use for communication. My advice would be to select a few and do them really well. Maybe even one in the beginning and grow that and be comfortable with that and then move to the next one. It’s better than having 10 channels, and a presence and then customers are communicating with you there and you don’t have the resources to communicate and manage that channel. So select a few that suit your type of business and you can manage comfortably in your organisation.





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