Review: Hop on Brewery Tours, Gold Coast and Brisbane

We were invited by Hop on Brewery Tours to join theirThe Quickie on the Coast Tour . The opportunity to explore venues on the Gold Coast and sample a range of beers with expert guides was too good to pass up. Here’s a little more about our Director Emma Lovell’s experience on the tour.


Three venues, an afternoon of beers and touring around the Gold Coast in an air conditioned bus with excellent hosts.  Picked up by our hosts Jos and Matt, the tour operators and owners, at Broadbeach along with another couple, and then we were off.

First stop – The Bine Beer Bar

This cute little bar is tucked in amongst other restaurants and bars in this popular social area of Nobby’s Beach. It has a great atmosphere and a chilled vibe. There’s a wide range of craft beers on tap and this stop provided a great intro for the tour. Jos and Matt explain some of the ways beer is made, key ingredients and tested our knowledge.

hop on 2

My favourite beer here was the sour. I like “light beers”. Not light in alcohol, but light in flavour and colour. This one resembled a cider/ beer and is a great entry to the beer realm for those who are not “beer drinkers”. It’s actually called a sour and having tried a similar variety before, it was right up my alley.

Back on the bus and we were provided with the perfect snacks for thirsty tourists, pretzels and popcorn. And being the responsible tourism company that they are, water! It was nice to chat along the way and Jos provided more of her extensive knowledge of the beer industry telling us about the first brewers, women! I’m not going to go into it at length here – so google it – or go on the tour, it’s very interesting! Hearing how the predominantly women founded industry has now become so male dominated.

Second stop – Burleigh Brewing Co.

Hands down my favourite stop. I loved everything about this awesome location. Great beers, amazing beer hall, food trucks out front, live music and an awesome atmosphere. I can picture many more Sunday chill sessions at this place. We got to try six beers here and the best part was that based on our sampling at the first one, Jos carefully selected the beers for each of us. How cool is that. She did really well with mine. By far my favourite flavour was The Hef – I love a cloudy and rich beer, it actually tastes like banana. Plus, the label was super cute. I also loved “My Wife’s Bitter” because who doesn’t love a pun!

After enjoying our samples, we were invited to a tour of the brewery from the knowledgeable staff. Amazing how this little local brewery has grown. Great range of flavours and a company who seem to tailor the tastes to their customer’s needs. Definitely a venue that I’ll be visiting again and again.

Third and final stop – Balter Brewing Company

The outside of the building, and the interior, get a big mention here. Clearly labeled what their primary business is: BEER, and a smiley face. Inside there are murals, funky design of a warehouse and fun names for their products. This brand has grown exponentially since opening only a few years ago.


Another round of generous samples. It was definitely worth the value of the tour for all the great samples you get. This was a lovely stop where we able to reflect upon what we had tasted along the way and really just felt like chilling with mates. After a number of hours, the group has bonded and it felt like a regular Sunday session. Balter Beer is another cool venue with great beers that you can while away an afternoon at. We got another couple of souvenir takeaways from this stop – keep the good vibes going. Also, fun fact! Australian Pro Surfer Mick Fanning is one of the founders of the brewery!


Delivered back safely to our original pick up, I was so happy that I had joined this tour. It was my first ever beer tour and it really opened my eyes to the wide range of varieties of beer and breweries on The Coast. Jos and Matt were made for this job and offer such a friendly, relaxed and professional experience.


Note: The tours locations often change so depending on the day and the tour you choose, you could get a completely different variety of stops. Meaning you can do the tour a number of times and experience something new!

To learn more about Hop on Brewery tours and book your outing, click here.

Review: The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls

We were invited to the Opening Night of The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls in Melbourne on 19th May 2017. Genuinely I can say, this is not a show you want to miss.

Not knowing what to expect, I can honestly say this is an exceptional piece of independent theatre, one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Well produced, brilliantly acted and totally engaging.

The storyline is:

Once upon a time, in 2005, 20-year-old Annie is sent by her mother back to her native Russia to brush up on the language, and lose her American accent. Underneath an opulent, neon-lit, post-Soviet Moscow she discovers an enchanted motherland – teeming with evil stepmothers, wicked witches, and ravenous bears.

The dynamic nature of the play means there is never a dull moment. The fairytale stories have been intertwined and you keep guessing throughout, what will happen next. I loved the tailoring of the stories to the Russian setting and the actors captured that grim side to the fairytale’s well, as did the set.

I don’t want to give too much away but I was on the edge of my seat, wondering how the story would unfold. You can get a feel for the show here in trailers and imagery for the show here at Boutique Theatre’s website. : 

russian girls

The actors are all brilliant and perfect for their parts, however I must point out that Felicity Steel is a stand out. Her stage presence and physicality is spectacular and her delivery of the character will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Some of the players performed multiple roles which added a great dimension, and made the cast seem much larger than it was. A great diversity amongst the players too.

The Irene Mitchell Theatre is a lovely little venue tucked away in the backstreets of South Yarra. There’s a bar at the show – but make sure to eat before you arrive as there aren’t so many food outlets close by. What they’ve done with the set is incredible and it was the perfect space for this back streets fairytale play.


So trust us. Don’t miss this show. The details are:

19 – 27 May, 2017
Tues – Sat, 8pm
Tickets: $32 Full, $28 Concession, $25 Grps 6+
Bookings: online only at
Enquiries: 0403 937 529 or
Venue: St Martins Youth Arts Centre (Irene Mitchell Studio) – 28 St Martins Ln, South Yarra 

Thank you to Boutique Theatre for having us!

Review written by Lovelly Communications Director, Emma Lovell

Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours: Taste of Burleigh Heads tour

We were recently invited by Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours to experience one of their walking tours on the Gold Coast. Our Director Emma Lovell loves food, and wine, so it was an easy yes! Here is a review from Emma about her experience on the Taste of Burleigh Heads tour. Enjoy, and we hope your mouth doesn’t water too much while reading about all these delicious delicacies.

Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours: Taste of Burleigh Heads tour began in a lovely park on a bright Saturday afternoon. A great way to start a walking tour.

We met business owner and tour operator Karen near the bowling club and quickly I started chatting with the group. An important part of these tours is the group dynamic and Karen does a wonderful job of fostering a warm and friendly space for her guests. After a quick intro about what we would experience, a little get to know you and a brief history of the area, we set off!


Our first stop: Stones Throw Café.

This little café is new to the area but doing very well and quickly gaining a name for itself. Seemingly plain from the outside, the inside has a rustic styling which makes it feel more like it could be a friend’s house for a gathering rather than a café. We settled into the charming front room and were quickly offered a lovely glass of Amadio wine by Karen.


Lovelly Communications Director Emma Lovell with Tour Operator Karen Inglis-Turner.

The chef put together a great tasting plate of seasonal offerings and interesting flavours. Hummus, sweet potato chips and a salad. All the ingredients were super fresh and it seemed the café would cater to all dietary requirements. A great start to the tour.



Second stop: Golosi Food Emporium.

Whenever something has emporium in the title, you know you’re in for a treat. This was only a short walk to the well-known James Street. The beauty of this tour is that it’s all within comfortable walking distance and does it’s best to showcase a variety of cuisines in the area. We were greeted by the most spectacular cheese platter and our delightful host Selena, the shop’s passionate owner.



From 100-year-old Italian balsamic vinegars, to locally baked treats, this shop had it all. I’m meant to give an unbiased review of all stops but this was hands down my favourite. I can see myself visiting many times and especially taking guests back there. I did have a quick browse around the store but my focus was on the lush cheese’s, fruit pastes and caramel sauce available for tasting. Oh and of course, a glass of bubbly in hand!


Third stop: Dolce Follia Gelateria


After thoroughly indulging in the delicacies of Golosi, it was time to stretch our legs and walk to our next location. We stopped a number of times at different restaurants and shop fronts which Karen helpfully pointed out as new to the area or other great dining options. We then stopped in front of a tiny little hole in the wall gelato store that was bursting at the seams with customers.

A few tastes of their gelato, including coconut and honeycomb crunch, and you can understand why! We were all invited to try as many as we pleased and then chose our favourite for an entire scoop. I went for the palate cleansing mint. I’m a big fan of having ice cream in the afternoon as opposed to after a meal. It was the perfect break up in the tour and got us ready for the next savoury treat!



Fourth stop: The Pocket 

The name is intriguing isn’t it! The Pocket. It could be many things, a corner bar, a clothes store, or microwave pizza pockets (maybe that’s just my weird mind.) but no! IT’s the middle eastern style cuisine of pita bread pockets stuffed with dips, pickled vegetables and the most incredible falafels. Our table was lavished with these gorgeous platters and it didn’t take us long to dive in. Coupled with a glass of wine and some home made rose water infused lemonade, perfection.



I must also point out the beautiful ambience at the back of the restaurant. These paintings were done by a staff member only a few weeks before our arrival. They perfectly reflect the Burleigh vibe and make for a relaxing meal setting. Exceptional!



Fifth and final stop: Finders Keepers Bar

Sadly, the tour must come to an end. But, it sure did end on a high. Drinks and a show as we were treated to a theatrical guide of how to make an espresso martini. As this is my absolute favourite drink, I was invited to assist in the mixing and shaking of the cocktail. I shook it like a polaroid picture! Shake, shake, shake!


Paired with our incredible martini was a decadent chocolate mousse dessert with a secret ingredient. I would tell you… but where’s the fun in that! It’s delicious and works perfectly, that’s all I’ll see. It was the perfect end to the tour as it allowed the group to relax and chat together and if desired, kick on and keep the good vibes going. It was a wonderful chance to not only learn about amazing venues in Burleigh, but also make some new friends.



In short, I highly recommend these tours. The value for money is exceptional. What you would pay for an indulgent meal at one restaurant, you get to sample five different eateries. The mix of the stores and restaurants was perfect and I feel much more comfortable in the Burleigh area when selecting a place to eat.


The best part is – the stops on the tour are always evolving and changing. You could do the tour three times and always get to try something new and different, whilst also going back to your favourites. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! You can also try the Taste of Surfers Paradise and Taste of Broadbeach tours.


This is a great idea for tourists visiting the area and for locals who are looking to know their own backyard better. Thank you for having me Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours!

We can also offer friends of Lovelly Communications a special price on Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours which will give you a $30 discount off the tour price! Send us an email or post a comment below for more details!

Butt Kapinski will captivate you at MICF 2016

Butt Kapinski is unusual, enticing and interactive. The poster alone will lure you in and make you want to know more! The show itself is bursting with action, engagement and so many laughs.


I had the pleasure of attending the show last night and after hearing so much buzz coming out of Adelaide Fringe, I was glad I did! Expect the unexpected with this show. Be prepared to get involved in the show and you’ll be captivated until the final applause.

Butt is a charachter, a very interesting character. Unmistakable in appearance and endearing in the quirky mannerism’s. This is a show you’ll see and talk about for weeks after.

You’ve got until the 17th April to see the show but don’t leave it too late, with the buzz that’s going around, the show is sure to be a sellout!


Details for the show!

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a film noir murder mystery. This funny, filthy, fully interactive ride is riddled with sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge – no seat is safe!

From the director and co-writer of RED BASTARD – the internationally acclaimed bouffon show – Butt Kapinski has been taking North America by storm. With a swag of awards from Edmonton, Calgary, Hollywood, Orlando and Vancouver Fringes, and off the back of a huge Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015, Butt makes her MICF debut.

Kick reality to the curb with this full-on interactive comedic experience! Play in a world of dark dreams and bad similes. ADULTS ONLY.
– – –
23rd March – 17th April
7:15pm (Sun 6.15pm)
Tuxedo Cat, 293-299 La Trobe St, Melbourne

All shows are wheelchair accessible.

Make sure to check out Butt on social media:

Twitter @buttkapinski
Facebook – Butt Kapinski

butt kapinski

Working with DWA – Disabled Wintersports Australia

We would like to thank Disabled Wintersports Australia (DWA) for their wonderful recommendation.

“Emma selflessly helped Disabled Wintersport Australia with it’s social media campaign. Her patience in explaining this platform and the ability to tailor the business plan for us was outstanding. Her product knowledge and clear communications are key in really understanding the wants and needs of an organisation. I look forward to working with Emma again in the future.” – Phill Schofield – Communications Coordinator/NSW Program Coordinator (Winter).

DWA logo

Lovelly Communications offered our services to DWA for the set up of a social media program for their organizations activities. This was a pro bono offering to help this incredible organization better promote themselves to the online market and raise more awareness.


DWA is an organisation with a national perspective taking responsibility for development of disability winter sport in Australia. Through building the capability and capacity of a National Sport System, including accountability at the National level, we provide members with technically sound sports programs, policies and service.


Lovelly Communications own Emma Lovell became a volunteer in 2013 and was taken by the amazing work that DWA did. It’s a highly accessible program for people of all voluntary abilities but predomaninantly gives those who love snowsports a way to give back using their skills and passion in the snow. It is a hands on approach to helping those who would otherwise not be able to experience the snow.


We look forward to seeing more of the wonderful work of DWA and offering our services to help them with further promotion of their wonderful organization.

Working with Copywrite Matters

We met the delightful Belinda Weaver at a networking event in Melbourne for writers. A great conversation, shared passion for the written word and a few laughs led to a working relationship. It was a delight to work with Belinda who knows exactly where her business is going and she shows that passion in every contract she takes on.


This is the recommendation she kindly shared for Lovelly Communications:

“I worked with Emma as part of a project for my business, Copywrite Matters. The client needed website copywriting that enticing, persuasive and very search engine friendly and Emma achieved all three. I was proud to have her work associated with Copywrite Matters.”

– Belinda Weaver – Copywrite Matters

We highly recommend getting in touch with Copywrite Matters for sharp, creative and engaging copy!

“Good copywriting talks to people, heart to heart, and that’s what Copywrite Matters helps you do. We will help you find the voice of your business and create engaging, action focused copywriting that speaks directly to your customers, and gets them to act.

You’ll get more clicks, calls and sales with the right words. It’s that simple!”

And of course my website address is:

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