Review: Hop on Brewery Tours, Gold Coast and Brisbane

We were invited by Hop on Brewery Tours to join theirThe Quickie on the Coast Tour . The opportunity to explore venues on the Gold Coast and sample a range of beers with expert guides was too good to pass up. Here’s a little more about our Director Emma Lovell’s experience on the tour.


Three venues, an afternoon of beers and touring around the Gold Coast in an air conditioned bus with excellent hosts.  Picked up by our hosts Jos and Matt, the tour operators and owners, at Broadbeach along with another couple, and then we were off.

First stop – The Bine Beer Bar

This cute little bar is tucked in amongst other restaurants and bars in this popular social area of Nobby’s Beach. It has a great atmosphere and a chilled vibe. There’s a wide range of craft beers on tap and this stop provided a great intro for the tour. Jos and Matt explain some of the ways beer is made, key ingredients and tested our knowledge.

hop on 2

My favourite beer here was the sour. I like “light beers”. Not light in alcohol, but light in flavour and colour. This one resembled a cider/ beer and is a great entry to the beer realm for those who are not “beer drinkers”. It’s actually called a sour and having tried a similar variety before, it was right up my alley.

Back on the bus and we were provided with the perfect snacks for thirsty tourists, pretzels and popcorn. And being the responsible tourism company that they are, water! It was nice to chat along the way and Jos provided more of her extensive knowledge of the beer industry telling us about the first brewers, women! I’m not going to go into it at length here – so google it – or go on the tour, it’s very interesting! Hearing how the predominantly women founded industry has now become so male dominated.

Second stop – Burleigh Brewing Co.

Hands down my favourite stop. I loved everything about this awesome location. Great beers, amazing beer hall, food trucks out front, live music and an awesome atmosphere. I can picture many more Sunday chill sessions at this place. We got to try six beers here and the best part was that based on our sampling at the first one, Jos carefully selected the beers for each of us. How cool is that. She did really well with mine. By far my favourite flavour was The Hef – I love a cloudy and rich beer, it actually tastes like banana. Plus, the label was super cute. I also loved “My Wife’s Bitter” because who doesn’t love a pun!

After enjoying our samples, we were invited to a tour of the brewery from the knowledgeable staff. Amazing how this little local brewery has grown. Great range of flavours and a company who seem to tailor the tastes to their customer’s needs. Definitely a venue that I’ll be visiting again and again.

Third and final stop – Balter Brewing Company

The outside of the building, and the interior, get a big mention here. Clearly labeled what their primary business is: BEER, and a smiley face. Inside there are murals, funky design of a warehouse and fun names for their products. This brand has grown exponentially since opening only a few years ago.


Another round of generous samples. It was definitely worth the value of the tour for all the great samples you get. This was a lovely stop where we able to reflect upon what we had tasted along the way and really just felt like chilling with mates. After a number of hours, the group has bonded and it felt like a regular Sunday session. Balter Beer is another cool venue with great beers that you can while away an afternoon at. We got another couple of souvenir takeaways from this stop – keep the good vibes going. Also, fun fact! Australian Pro Surfer Mick Fanning is one of the founders of the brewery!


Delivered back safely to our original pick up, I was so happy that I had joined this tour. It was my first ever beer tour and it really opened my eyes to the wide range of varieties of beer and breweries on The Coast. Jos and Matt were made for this job and offer such a friendly, relaxed and professional experience.


Note: The tours locations often change so depending on the day and the tour you choose, you could get a completely different variety of stops. Meaning you can do the tour a number of times and experience something new!

To learn more about Hop on Brewery tours and book your outing, click here.

Published by Emma Lovell

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