Emma Lovell featured in The Weekend Australian promoting ethical travel

Today Emma was featured in The Weeksnd Australian speaking about ethical travel. Emma wrote her top five travel tips for travelling ethically and taking on some amazing experiences.

Here is an excerpt:

Trekking to Everest Base Camp was always on my bucket list, so when I got the chance to go there with World Vision Australia in March this year I jumped at the offer! Not only did I get to trek to base camp while raising money for communities in Nepal, but I got to see the work World Vision does first-hand. The people of Nepal now more than ever need our continued support. To donate to the Nepal earthquake appeal, visit: http://wva.me/nepal-relief

The article is also online and tweeted here:

The insiders: ethical travel with Emma Lovell featuring @WorldVisionAus @inspiredadvntrs @blackdoginst #ethicaltravel http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/travel/the-insiders-ethical-travel-with-emma-lovell-from-world-vision/story-e6frg8rf-1227342807157


Inner Sanctuary Design Workshops in February

Inner Sanctuary Design is bringing environment, wellness and lifestyle workshops to the greater Melbourne community. In February, you can choose from dancing, terrarium creations and home styling workshops.

Creating space for the heart & soul. Retreats, Studios & Workshops inspiring health, wellbeing and creativity in our community. What a lovely approach to our society. 

Take a look at the Facebook page and check out the EVENTS tab to find out more and to secure your tickets!


Screenshot 2015-01-31 22.06.26

What is Inner Sanctuary Design?

Creating outward sacred space enables access to your inner sacred space. Architect and Lifestyle Designer Samantha Levy works with you to identify your goals and desires and demonstrates the power of our environments to create supportive and uplifting spaces which bring these dreams into physical manifestation with ease.
Samantha also facilitates workshops that create opportunities to connect with the mind, body and soul elements of our environment through nature, community and our own individual creativity using tools of dance, drawing, and natural art.

inner logo

Football. Music. Culture – A Documentary Project

Lovelly Communications is proud to be working with Football.Music.Culture to launch their Pozible campaign and lead to the filming of this exciting documentary project.


football music culture

FOOTBALL.MUSIC.CULTURE is a documentary project that explores football and music fanaticism and how these are expressions of the cultural history and identity of a city or country. It does this by meeting and talking to the people and documenting their stories as they unfold through their musical and footballing experiences in day to day life.

The interesting part of this project is identifying links between the two worlds through the people we meet. Its not always obvious, but in many ways its staring us right in the face.




Shane BOYLE – Creator/Producer
Zac HODGKINSON – Director/Editor, Melbourne (check out the Pozible vid!)
Charlie DI PLACIDO – Director/Producer, London/Europe
Andy HEATON – The Anfield Wrap, Liverpool http://www.theanfieldwrap.com/
Kyle GREENWOOD – Writer/Translation, Berlin
Sergi LOSTAO – Translation, Barcelona


Get behind this great project, and join on the many social media channels:



Pledge at Pozible: http://www.pozible.com/project/22123

Learn more on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FootballMusicCulture?fref=ts

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sboyleFMC 

Watch the video: http://vimeo.com/70538590



Melbourne, Australia: This year marks the first annual Globelight Festival, showcasing local and international talent across lighting art and design.  Globelight launches on the 2nd of August 2013 in Melbourne and runs until the 24th of August.

Curated by James Tapscott and Sam Mitchell-Fin, installation artists from Melbourne and Sydney respectively, Globelight was born from a desire to create a festival that not only recognized the popular spectacle of the medium but one that also celebrated innovation and experimentation in both lighting art and design.


The festival is working with two separate spaces: the Anita Traverso Gallery in Richmond and the Abbotsford Convent, which allows the festival to work with both ready-made design pieces, site-specific works and large-scale installations, exposing the full breadth of the talent that exists in the lighting industry.

The Anita Traveso gallery will predominately house the design pieces, some being potential prototypes for commercial production. Abbostford Convent, which officially opens the following night, Saturday 3rd of August, will exhibit video, installation and site-specific works including more experimental pieces.

Along side Tapscott and Mitchell-Fin, 16 artists have been chosen for the inaugural year, and include 2011 FX International Interior Design Award Winner Kent Graton and German installation artist Max Sudhues, who was one of the youngest artists to have work selected as part of the first annual Light Biennale in Germany along with big names such as Dan Flavin and James Turrell.

The Festival aims to become an important inclusion on the local and international cultural calendar being the only festival of its kind that exhibits a such a wide variety of works across both light art and design in Australia.  The festival has already attracted the attention of the lighting community and related industries, thus confirming the need for such an event that supports the growing number of artists and innovative designers working in this medium.

Globelight 2013 is not to be missed!

For more information please visit www.globelight.com.au.

 invitation to launch


Mode Talent Management Casting Day

Lovelly Communications was proud to help out Mode Talent Management at their first ever Casting Day on Sunday 5th May 2013.

The day was a great success with a great group of new talent being added to the books and photographers providing talent with new headshots for their portfolios. Interviews, registrations and two photo shoot areas were set up to meet and greet as many talent as possible on this big recruitment day.

The event was held at Honey Bar in South Melbourne in their brilliant upstairs function area. Big thank you to them for the use of the space on the day.

The Great Team for the Casting Day
The Great Team for the Casting Day

Here is a video from the day and some of the activities we got up to. Can you spot Emma Lovell, Director of Lovelly Communications in there?


Lovelly Communications role was to support Director of Mode Talent management, Rebecca Field, with interviewing new talent and organising the running of events throughout the day. We were also on hand to help out with direction of photography and getting some great smiles out of the amazing talent.


Mode Talent Management Director, Rebecca Field
Mode Talent Management Director, Rebecca Field

Mode Talent Management is a Melbourne based Commercial Modelling and Talent Agency www.modetalent.com.au




Congratulations to Mode Talent on a very successful day and some wonderful new talent coming to TV, brochures, events and more soon.

Show and Tell – Speaking out against Bullying

Show and Tell recently posted a fantastic video of Michala Banas speaking about when she was bullied in high school. It was heartfelt, real, confronting and honest. It was a beautifully done video and it brought to my attention this great website.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 4.18.25 PM

Today again, the video has been posted as well as an article : OK. Time to stop the bullying. 

The video was again shared and the article talks about how bullying is affecting not only children but adults in work places and even amongst friends. Here is a short excerpt from the article:

“Today is National Day Of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Bullying is a huge issue in schools and even workplaces. The bottom line is, it seriously sucks to be bullied.”

Show and tell were also great to include this wonderful show, Darkness and Light which will be on at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. You can follow the show and learn more about it @DrknessAndLight on Twitter and on facebook at www.facebook.com/darknessandlightshow

Darkness & Light

I really love this new website, Show and Tell. It’s boomed since starting only a month ago and is picking up pace as it shares beautiful content such as this article and video on bullying.

The website is based around intimate, raw and honest interviews with well known Aussie females. We want to talk to female celebrities, authors, politions and women who are prominent in their field about career, love, family, friendships and other topics that interest and affect women.
There are plenty of great US conversational shows where women act as a voice for other women, but we couldn’t find enough of this stuff featuring our own Aussie women so we thought we’d make our own! We aim to make Show + Tell somewhere we can come to feel inspired, have a laugh, and maybe even a little “ah ha” moment along the way!
The website is also a place you can visit for a daily dose of lifestyle – our take on the news of the day, interiors, food and fashion – your one-stop-shop for all you need to know.
Show + Tell was made to inspire and literally show and tell other people’s experiences to the world. We always try to go back to the fundamental understanding that we want to offer an escape for people and will continue to add categories to give more places to peruse and inspire.
Follow on twitter: @Show_And_Tell_
I hope you enjoy this site as much as I am and share the experiences with these women as they share their lives with us.

Social Media Works

These are my favourite stories to share and to write about.



I recently had the pleasure of having my portrait painted by the lovely Natalie Britten. She is a talented artist and we did a trade- promotions for painting. I feel I got a good deal.

Emma Lovell Portrait
Emma Lovell Portrait

I have since been promoting her work through my blog, business page, Twitter, Facebook and more and as a result – the posts have been shared in one go to more than 20,000 people. See the pictures below for how it all unfolded.

Social Media conversation on Facebook!
Social Media conversation on Facebook!
Listing on ARTFIDO-website-popular-art
Listing on ARTFIDO-website-popular-art


Simply – I tweeted about her great art, Natalie commented about it, and this lovely company decided to share it with their 20,000 + followers!


Social Media is amazing!

Natalie is very thankful!
Natalie is very thankful!

Girls Night in the Media

More Media for lovelly clients – Girls Night was recently featured here on this blog and the news is spreading.

An excerpt from the listing on Femail.com.au


Girls Night
Venue The Bunka at The Austral Hotel
Date Friday 15th of February till March 2nd
Time 7.00pm
Fee Full $24, Concession $18, Group (6 or more), Bank SA, and FB $18
Book FringeTix and at the door.
Grab your girlfriends and get ready to giggle, Girls Night is back for the Adelaide Fringe 2013! Bringing together some of the best Australian and International female comics, this is a night to celebrate all things female and funny. Shows will be hosted from February 15th – March 2nd at The Austral in the city of Adelaide.
[10215] Posted: 14/02/2013 13:03

The original post can be seen here:

Girls Night Out at the Adelaide Fringe


Media Success in the Local Newspaper

Media success comes in many forms and all experience with the media adds to your brand and your profile. Any publicity, is good publicity – just manage it well!
This is another Sourcebottle success with a call out from the St Kilda area Leader.
There was a photo taken but unfortunately the article reduced to this column size only.
Make sure to keep all your media clippings on file for future reference.

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