Football. Music. Culture – A Documentary Project

Lovelly Communications is proud to be working with Football.Music.Culture to launch their Pozible campaign and lead to the filming of this exciting documentary project.


football music culture

FOOTBALL.MUSIC.CULTURE is a documentary project that explores football and music fanaticism and how these are expressions of the cultural history and identity of a city or country. It does this by meeting and talking to the people and documenting their stories as they unfold through their musical and footballing experiences in day to day life.

The interesting part of this project is identifying links between the two worlds through the people we meet. Its not always obvious, but in many ways its staring us right in the face.


Shane BOYLE – Creator/Producer
Zac HODGKINSON – Director/Editor, Melbourne (check out the Pozible vid!)
Charlie DI PLACIDO – Director/Producer, London/Europe
Andy HEATON – The Anfield Wrap, Liverpool
Kyle GREENWOOD – Writer/Translation, Berlin
Sergi LOSTAO – Translation, Barcelona


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