Business Profile: Gath Adams – I want that Flight

My passion for Travel writing and travel itself led me to attend the TravelMassive meet ups that I learnt about through Twitter. Gath Adams was one of the great people I met at one of the Melbourne meet ups and I loved his business concept and his passion for travel. I want that Flight isContinue reading “Business Profile: Gath Adams – I want that Flight”

Enjoy the life that you have been blessed to live

Recently I shared an email from a lovely young woman who shared with me her admiration for the way I live my life. This was a huge compliment and such a great validation for what I am doing in my life. I posted her email to a blog here: I’d like to also share withContinue reading “Enjoy the life that you have been blessed to live”

Opportunity with a soon to be launched BOOK!

My dear friend and mentor, Johanna Baker-Dowdell, will soon be launching her first ever book – Business & Baby on Board. Paperback: Business & Baby on Board $25 AUD A business mum’s bible on starting, running and succeeding in business. Using case studies and advice from 20 incredible business women, be inspired by: Janine Allis, Boost JuiceContinue reading “Opportunity with a soon to be launched BOOK!”

How will customers find you on Social Media?

Social Media should be part of an integrated marketing campaign for your business. The most important thing about your social media campaign is making sure that people can find you and know that you are using these mediums as a form of communication. Linking the accounts to one another as best as possible is important. WhateverContinue reading “How will customers find you on Social Media?”

How to Tweet for business

Twitter is not a place to chat with friends, Twitter is a powerful networking and business tool.   Here are some basics on How to use Twitter for business: •Twitter is a newsfeed of rapid information coming from the 
people who follow you and who you follow. •Be relevant, be regular, build relationships •Tweet,Continue reading “How to Tweet for business”

Why Social Media for your business?

Social Media is undeniable for businesses these days. They aren’t just places to chat with your friends, they are a place to be seen and recognised by your clients and associates. – In order to have an integrated marketing strategy, businesses need to have a presence online. Social media allows you to be present inContinue reading “Why Social Media for your business?”

Answer Your Messages

Whether it’s your voicemail, text message, email, Facebook wallposts, Facebook messages, Twitter @ reply’s or Direct Messages, Linkedin Inbox, or any other form of communication – Answer your messages! Due to the multimodal communication we now engage in every day, I think people have become slack in their responses due to the number of messagesContinue reading “Answer Your Messages”

Our Favourite Newsletters

There are some great business experts and blogs out there which give valuable advice for your business. These are a few of the ones that we follow for great business tips and information. Seth Godin’s Blog Flying Solo – Micro Business Community Home to a thriving community of over 50,000 solo and micro businesses,Continue reading “Our Favourite Newsletters”