How will customers find you on Social Media?

Social Media should be part of an integrated marketing campaign for your business. The most important thing about your social media campaign is making sure that people can find you and know that you are using these mediums as a form of communication.

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Linking the accounts to one another as best as possible is important. Whatever goes on Facebook will also go on Twitter, links back to the website and all videos on YouTube will be announced on Twitter. The connections between the networks is important so that traffic is driven from one site to another and always back to your website.
Like buttons such as the one below should be placed on your website. The social media plug-ins for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin can be placed as buttons on the top of your website.
When you are first joining social media you can send an email with a code of conduct for being on social media to all employees. Also you can ask staff to connect on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this – adding all company links for social media to their email signatures should become common practice.
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You have to shout from the rooftops “WE ARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!”. People may take the initiative to find you and it’s great to be there, but you still need to give them a helping hand and the lead them there in the easiest way possible.

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