Dragon at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

Natalie Harris had a stellar 2016, performing her solo show Good Grief to sold out crowds at MICF and Melbourne Fringe and being awarded Screen Australia Gender Matters funding to develop the show into a web series. Now, Nat returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her brand new solo stand up show Dragon.Continue reading “Dragon at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017”

Cath Styles in SHIFT at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

  We invite you to explore the craziness of a way of life where strange is normal, and normal is strange as Cath Styles presents her new show SHIFT at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016. Cath Styles has been a psychiatric nurse for 25 years, and a comedian for 10. Between the nights, evenings, weekends andContinue reading “Cath Styles in SHIFT at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016”

Juan Vesuvius presents “Calypso Nights, Juan Two?” at MICF 2016

Originally posted on Lovelly Travels:
Last year I saw Juan Vesuvius perform his clown DJ show, Calypso Nights, at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and it was an absolute stand out! It’s stayed in my mind and I’m so excited to be seeing “Juan Two?” tonight! Getting my Calypso moves ready and hunting down the maracas!…

Butt Kapinski will captivate you at MICF 2016

Butt Kapinski is unusual, enticing and interactive. The poster alone will lure you in and make you want to know more! The show itself is bursting with action, engagement and so many laughs. I had the pleasure of attending the show last night and after hearing so much buzz coming out of Adelaide Fringe, IContinue reading “Butt Kapinski will captivate you at MICF 2016”

Inanimately – by Nicolette Minster at MICF 2015

MICF 2015 has just 4 days left! This gives you only a few more chances to catch wonderful performers like Nicolette Minster in shows such as “Inanimately.” I can’t wait to see this show as I’ve seen Nicolette in her amazing duo act, Girls Uninterrupted many times! Here’s a bit more about what she’s upContinue reading “Inanimately – by Nicolette Minster at MICF 2015”

Douche Bomb – A comedy show by Kirsty Mac with a Social Media focus

The line up for my few days at MICF is looking pretty good. It’s the end of the fest and these artists don’t give up til the last minute, putting on outstanding shows for all to see. Kirsty Mac was high on my list to show after her interesting year in Social Media and theContinue reading “Douche Bomb – A comedy show by Kirsty Mac with a Social Media focus”

Can’t wait to see Kelly Fastuca at MICF in “I need an Adult”

This weekend I’ll be heading down to Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival, MICF2015. I’m catching the last weekend of the festival and i’ve locked in a few amazing shows to see including the fabulous Kelly Fastuca! I first met Kelly Fastuca in New York City at a stand-up night. She rocked the mic, andContinue reading “Can’t wait to see Kelly Fastuca at MICF in “I need an Adult””

JMAC in Disco Fanny at Melbourne International Comedy Festival

STEPBACK Entertainment Presents JMAC in Disco Fanny   Melbourne, Victoria: We’ve all had that big night out on the d-floor. Admit it. Embrace it. This is about loving and owning every single part of who you are. Even your sweaty flaps. It’s been a big year for this world-wide, famous, dance, music, popstar. Following theContinue reading “JMAC in Disco Fanny at Melbourne International Comedy Festival”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013/2014

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2013/2014. To all of our clients, fans and friends, we thank you for your support in 2014. This has been a cracker of a year for Lovelly Communications and we’ve worked on some incredible projects. From working on our firstContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013/2014”

What to see at Sydney Comedy Festival

Some of you have asked about SYDNEY COMEDY FESTIVAL and what my opinion of the best acts are. This is due to the fact that I was working on and attending many shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. So here are my top tips for Sydney! May 4th and 5th – https://www.facebook.com/events/130823727106934/?ref=25 Nikki Britton – Abdicating Adulthood.Continue reading “What to see at Sydney Comedy Festival”