Happy 10 years to Lovelly Communications!

Very excited to share that Lovelly Communications is officially 10 years old!


I started my business in my last semester of university, actually while lying at home with a broken back (snowboarding accident). I knew I would one day run my own business and why not start it when I had a little extra time.

The business has grown and evolved over the years, as have I. It’s so exciting that at this time I’m stepping into the next evolution, bringing my services together into a program as a Personal Branding Specialist.

Flying solo is not easy, but then again, I’ve never really been alone in my business. I’m so grateful to all of my clients over the years, it’s been dynamic and interesting. I’m thankful to my friends and family, they’ve supported me and encouraged me. And I’m so thankful to those who have come in as partners and contractors, allowing Lovelly Communications to take on new and exciting projects at various times.

So Happy Anniversary Lovelly Communications! Here’s to the next 10 and more!



Red Gum Communications – Personal Branding Workshop

In September, this year, I attended the Red Gum Communications Personal Branding Workshop and I walked out with a clear and strong idea of my brand – and how this affects my personal and business interactions.




These are the three words I walked in with in the morning and by the end of the day we had to stand by these words and have clearly identified what they mean and how they represent us.

This is not an easy task really – you may pick a word and then it doesn’t apply to a situation. Perhaps that word is interpreted differently by others to what it is to you. Being outgoing for example is better than being loud. Being driven may be a desirable trait to some whilst to others it’s unattractive and unforgiving.


I really loved this workshop and a full day thinking about, concentrating and working on how to best present ourselves has been so beneficial ongoing. There are days now where I stop and think “ Am I being professional?” “Is this what Lovelly would do?” “Am I passionate about this project or just going through the motions and how will this reflect on me?” It’s made me think more about my actions and the way I interacts with others.


My favourite part of the workshop was describing ourselves in a few lines. So, I wrote something and thought yeah, that’s me. Then, we had to write again but it had to have a completely different view and concept to the last one. And finally, again, with the same rules. When I looked at all 3, I picked out the best bits and came out with a clear definition of who I am. It made me delve deeper and address different audiences and have a more holistic approach to my brand.

The other thing I loved about the day was a one on one chat with another member of the workshop. It was a very interactive day and I was lucky to have an extremely dynamic and great group of people who were all very much present and there to work on themselves. I chatted with a great guy called George who had a very different lifestyle and business background to me. Once back in the boardroom, we had to stand up and present the other person based on what we heard when we spoke to them – how they came across to us. It was really interesting to hear other peoples perspectives of you and if you were representing yourself well. This was after the morning session and for me it was a joy to hear that George thought of the group, I was the most true and authentic to my 3 words I had chosen.


Whether you know your brand or not, a day like this is great to go and check in, to re-affirm and to clarify. I took lots of notes on the day and was given an incredible workbook that has continued to help me. We also got to make a video to ourselves that was sent to us, which we can use as a reminder of our personal brand message.

I very much encourage you to talk to the wonderful people at Red Gum Communications. The group facilitator James is extremely knowledgeable about presenting and how to bring out the best in people – and he certainly does this in his workshops. Visit www.redgumcommunications.com.au to view all the workshops on offer.

Business Profile – James Freemantle of REDgum Communications

Introducing the incredible James Freemantle of REDgum Communications. I thought I knew a thing or two about presentation, communication and presence – until I met James. James has a true gift in his ability to convey meaning, personality and passion into all that he does.

James has many years of presenting and teaching experience which led him to start REDgum Communications. They run training and workshops in media, presentation and personal branding. You will learn so much in a very short time from this talented group of people.


  1. Name; James Freemantle

2.Occupation/ business: REDgum Communications

3. Position: Director

4. Country of Residence; Orshtrayya (Australia)

5. email/contact/ website ) info@redgumcommunications.com, www.redgumcommunications.com

6, Twitter: @redgumcom



7. Give us your elevator pitch. What does your business do?

  1. We help people become aware of how they are experienced by others, how they’d like to be, and how to create that presence. Redgum Communications trains and coaches people in personal brand, media and presenting/public speaking. We help people to build rapport and create presence to consistently, effectively create influence.

8.Why did you start your business? After ten years working as a TV presenter, newsreader and producer, I realized I’d learnt so much about how to mould and create personal brand presence, and was so passionate about helping others, that it was the most logical and rewarding step. I’ll always enjoy being in front of the camera, but I get a greater buzz from seeing other people achieve what they doubted they could as a result of working with our active REDgum methodology.

9.What’s your passion? People. Helping people grow and take action!

10. What do you love most about running your business?

I most love the little victories – when a client ‘clicks’; suddenly gains confidence, sends me a message like this one I received this week: I learnt so much from the experience and you provided a safe space for me to extend myself beyond what I had previously thought possible. And I love it when people say ‘Redgum Communications has been recommended to me’.

11. What are three difficulties you face in running your business?

  1. Managing my time so that I can read – it’s a great way to keep fresh.
  2. Keeping up-to-date with the deadlines that our amazingly organized Project Manager, Bec sets for me!
  3. Adapting to the role of business owner, as opposed to freelancer. This means understanding P&L statements, invoicing, overheads etc, which for me was like learning a new language. Now that I’m bilingual, I love it!

12. What are three pieces of advice you would give to someone starting their own business?

    1. Work out what the problem is that you’re solving for your client.
    2. Make sure your product solves that problem effectively, measurably and in a way that has clients talking about you as a problem-solver. Know what it is that you’re selling, how to apply it and how it’s different.
    3. Create a positive experience for everyone with whom you interact. Think of everyone as a client of your brand.

13. Tell us, with an anecdote, why your business has changed your life?

We were asked by a large organisation to work with their marketing team who had to make a major (8-hour) presentation to industry stakeholders each year to secure approval for their $25 million suite of projects for the subsequent 12 months. They were very clear on the projects and had great ideas, but the presentation had been so disastrous in the previous year that for six months the budget was frozen as they scrambled for approval. The cost to the organisation was enormous.

We delivered four days of workshops, development programs and one-on-one coaching prior to the following year’s presentation. Full approval for the $25 million budget was given on the spot.

This was early in the life of Redgum Communications and it reinforced my belief that what we do is powerful, measurable and useful to people and organisations.

14. How do you manage a work/life balance?

This is high on my to-do list!! Actually I’m pretty good at allocating time to physical activities and family, and am trying to get a hobby or two happening as well.

15. What movie most inspires you in running your business?

A Redgum Communications documentary called ‘Wise Philanthropy in a Developing World’ that we made last year for the Entrust Foundation. It reminds me that there needs to be meaning, and that we are incredibly lucky!

16. The best book to read before starting a business or when running a business?

I’m a big fan of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell for easy-to-read insights into interpersonal communications and influence, but from a business perspective I think Derek Sivers’ Anything You Want is packed with great lessons for new business, and again is very easy to read.

17. Your favourite inspiration/ motivation/ business quote?

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else. Wise advice from Judy Garland

18. The 4 words that best describe your business?

strong. positive. clear exciting!


Interesting extra note from the ever interesting, James Freemantle:

The process of finding the right name, symbol and qualities to represent me and my business took quite some time. It had incarnations – Hensteeth Productions was an early one that was quirky but wrong! After hundreds of names scribbled on sheets of paper everywhere, the image of the Redgum came along and felt immediately right. Whereas before I’d been associated with particular TV shows that didn’t necessarily resonate with my soul, this brand did, and has continued to do so ever since. My own integrity and meaning is inextricably linked to that of my business. It means I am completely accountable, and our clients understand all for which we stand.

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