A bit of R & R for a new business direction

For the next 6 weeks, Director Emma Lovell, has taken some much needed R & R after a busy year at Lovelly Communications. Holidays are good to rest and refresh but also a great chance to clear the head for new business ideas and direction.


Sitting on beaches in Ibiza and walking through the cobbled streets of Eivissa town, Emma has already started forging ideas and paths for the coming year. Reflections of what worked over the past 12 months and what could have been done better. What industries we want to move into and how the business can grow.


Another important thing about taking this time out has been the chance to have a perusal reflection of how working in the business not on the  business can affect the direction. Did we take on too much work? Do we need a larger team? Will more down time mean more productive work time?


When was the last time you took some time out to work ON the business?


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