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Are you investing in your learning?

Hey lovely,

Are you still learning? 

Typically school and university would end our learning journey, but for me – learning is life long and it is not limited to the classroom.

I learn from my clients. I learn from my travels. I learn from my mistakes. It’s all experience and I know it makes me better. 

I even learn from my little boy and I am loving watching him learn and grow each day, making me more aware of what’s going on around me through his eyes.

So, how are you learning?

Is personal development something you invest in? 

I think this is some of the best learning we can do – learning about who we are and how we operate. It’s something I’ve been doing lately with my money mindset in Denise Duffield Thomas’s course, Money Bootcamp. I’m understanding how I approach money and how it’s holding me back or blocking me. 

I’m also about to start a Travel Writing course through the wonderful Lindy Alexander who was on my podcast last year and happens to be the most listened to episode. Lindy is about to launch her Write Earn Thrive course and as a former freelancer, and reinvigorated writer, I absolutely recommend investing in your learning from a pro because writing is not just about the writing – it’s about running a business. 

This goes for all businesses – we aren’t just learning about our skill and trade, we are learning about how we work with people and how we operate best! That’s what helps us grow and move forward.

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Speaking of writing, I have actually been challenging myself to get back to my passion project (which I also get paid for) of travel writing. So in December, I pitched to my dream publication, Virgin Australia. I have for a long time had this as my writing pinnacle and dreamed of being featured in the pages of the mag as I flicked through it on my many, many flights. And although the mag is no more, my dream did come true last week and here you can read my PUBLISHED article about my home town of the Gold Coast on their website. Read it here!!! 

You know I love celebrating the wins and that was a super proud and exciting moment for me.

I want to hear from you! How are you going to invest in your personal development in 2023 and perhaps challenge yourself to do something new?

Write back and tell me lovely one.


Emma “Lovelly” Lovell 


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