Working at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2013

The Indian Film Festival 2013 has just 2 days to go! Get along if you can. It’s a special year for the festival, celebrating 100 years of the Indian Film Industry. Hosted at Hoyts Melbourne.


This post was meant to come 3 weeks ago when the festival launched on May 3rd. I was lucky enough to be there on opening night and see some of Bollywood’s biggest names.

See more about the night on the official website here:


The A List Bollywood stars but you can't see them well.

The A List Bollywood stars but you can’t see them well.

I was blessed to be working at this event as most people who follow this blog now know… I LOVE INDIA!! It was funny because as I spoke to the guests about my love of India, they asked why I was not wearing my Sari… I suggested it might not go with the polo t-shirt I had to wear for work on the evening.


To my great surprise and delight, the Festival ambassador was the beautiful and Talented Vidya Balan. I saw her film Kahaani on my last visit to India and loved her in it. I’ve been dying to see her movie The Dirty Picture for which she won a number of awards, she is a beautiful and talented woman. She was great on the night- speaking very naturally and making jokes with the audience. There was also a great Q &A on the night with some of the big names of Bollywood- very exciting – Pamela Chopra, Simi Garewal, Prabhudeva, Girish Kumar, Farah Khan and Kabir Khan.

Vidya Balan, Farah Khan, Pamela Chopra - IFFM Website  Source:

Vidya Balan, Farah Khan, Pamela Chopra – IFFM Website

They played India’s first ever feature film, Raja Harishchandra. A very short film with all males in the roles, so males dressed up as queens and concubines. It was a great laugh and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so impressive to see that this country has come so far in Film and made such a mark on the world.

Raja Harishchandra

Raja Harishchandra

I’ll be working again at the Closing and can’t wait to see what the night holds! Hoping to see another film. My list of Bollywood Films is growing by the minute!

I also worked at the Telstra Bollywood Dance Competition which was a SUPER fun night in Federation square, Melbourne.


Enjoy the life that you have been blessed to live

Recently I shared an email from a lovely young woman who shared with me her admiration for the way I live my life. This was a huge compliment and such a great validation for what I am doing in my life.

I posted her email to a blog here:

I’d like to also share with you my response to her and the advice I gave in how to live and work the life you want. This was a great reminder. Maybe ask yourself “Why do I do what I do?”

Infinite possibilities in the Salt Flats of Uyuni Bolivia
Infinite possibilities in the Salt Flats of Uyuni Bolivia
Darling you brought tears to my eyes!
Thank you for validating my life choices and for reminding me of why I do what I do… It’s because I’m Living!
Life has ups and downs. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother, this is going to be a tough time, but I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the best advice I can give is to take each day as it comes and not think too far head. Everything happens for a reason and life will take it’s course. We must make the most of each and every day.
Working at events with wonderful people. Comedian Gina Yashere
Working at events with wonderful people. Comedian Gina Yashere
You have inspired me to take my own interview – I write one for my Travel Blog and one for my Lovelly Communications website. I ask people I admire to respond to the interview and I post it as a blog. I’ve been meaning for some time to answer the questions myself- and tonight I will do that very thing! With this, I think I’ll answer many of your questions – and actually some of my own.
Everyone has that fear and that doubt when finishing college. For me actually I wished I had nothing on, I wished I had the world open to me and no plans. But I was already running my business, I had 2 contracts and a huge event to run. I knew exactly what I was doing the day after my final exam, 10 hours of work! But I loved it. My advice is to find a balance between work and play. I live to extremes and especially at that time after college, I worked myself into the ground- took a month off and then travelled for 3 months and it made me stop and think what do I want from my life? What’s it all for? And then… I moved to Melbourne – a new city in my same country and doors went flying open and opportunities were in abundance.

Meeting wonderful people in Business such as Cheryl Lin who inspired me. Love Melbourne for this.
Meeting wonderful people in Business such as Cheryl Lin who inspired me. Love Melbourne for this.


Ok so I feel we have many more conversations ahead of us but here are some life lessons I’d like to pass on to you:
  • Change is the only constant. You need to learn to accept change and move with it. Change is always happening and will always happen, your ability to ADAPT is what is key!
  • Live each day as if it were your last! Recently I lost a friend to a heart attack. He was 24. It shook me to my core. He lived his life with passion – he climbed Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu (actually with me) and he made the most of life. Do what you love and just live.
  • Life has ups and downs. Don’t ever ask for normal. You know on a heart monitor what happens when the line is straight and flat… you’re dead! So go with the highs and lows- this means you are living!
  • Don’t look at the rest of your life and feel overwhelmed. Start to look more short term. Take each day as a lesson – mistakes you learn from and opportunities are there for taking. IT’s all about learning. Don’t let it overwhelm or consume you – then you won’t enjoy.
  • You don’t need a lot of money! Please don’t think I’m rich. Well actually, I am Rich! I’m rich in memories, in friendships, in the blessings that life has given me. $$ come and go – it’s the memories we make and the moments we share that make it all worthwhile.
Have fun at work! I love the snow and getting to work with Mt Buller promotions.
Have fun at work! I love the snow and getting to work with Mt Buller promotions.
Work hard. Play harder. Enjoy the life that you have been blessed to live.
So let us speak again soon – I hope this gives you hope and you continue to read the blogs.
Start a blog! Today! I broke my back and was house bound – I took the time to rest and to start this blog and business I’d been wanting to start for years! I’m so thankful for breaking my back- it made me stop, think, rest and to start doing the things I wanted to. Everything happens for a reason. So all you have to do is start – the rest will come.
Thank you again! This is a beautiful gift you have given to me.
Anything is possible. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with Inspired Adventures for Alzheimer's Australia NSW
Anything is possible. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with Inspired Adventures for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW

An email reminder of why I do what I do

Recently I received the most beautiful email from a young woman who shared with me her passions, her aspirations and her dream.

She also shared with me her admiration an gratitude for the choices and actions I’ve taken in my own life. I was absolutely flattered and actually moved by this gorgeous email she sent to me.

Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India
Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India
Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India
Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India

This email reminded me of why it is I do what I do. What drives me and how passion is so important in our work and our lives. I’m so fortunate to do what I love for work and also to be able to travel with my work and meet so many wonderful people. I am thankful for getting to follow my dreams and I will continue to work towards my goals.

This lovely young lady has given me permission to share it here.
Hello Emma! 
            How are you? I wanted to reach out to you regarding your blog and company. I’ve briefly reviewed both and was relieved to finally found someone who travels the world, blogs and is an entrepreneur! This might sound strange but I have been trying to find someone who does just that because it’s exactly what I want to do with my life.. I think. I’m a senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Marketing Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and have been desperately seeking an answer to the question of what I want to do when I graduate. 
            Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been passionate about writing and traveling. When I was 12 I traveled to Australia as a “People to People Student Ambassador” and ever since have been intrigued about our world and everything in it. My family doesn’t do much traveling besides the typical family vacations to florida every summer. Last August I backpacked through Nicaragua and Costa Rica with my friend for two weeks and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I’m hooked and have been trying to travel and experience new and exciting things ever since. It’s something that I’m very passionate about and want to turn it into a career somehow. 
            Traveling can be expensive, as you know, and I honestly don’t have a lot of money to spare because once I graduate I have to start paying back my student loans. Yuck! It’s hard for me to see a light at the end of the tunnel because I’m not sure what the pay is like for a travel writer. That’s where my PR skills can come in and why I already admire you so much. You have turned your skills into a business that allows you to work online and wherever you are around the world, no? I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear your story of how you got to where you are, how you started your business, what your typical day consists of and many more questions that I’m sure I will come up with. 
            While at my internship today, I found out that my grandma was rushed to the hospital. She’s okay, but I’ve been pretty down because I know that the time is approaching when I won’t be able to open my mailbox to her cookies and heart-warming letters anymore.
Seeing that there is someone out there that is living my dream life has brightened my day. 
Thank you!

Do you have passion for life? Do you have a dream? Do you have a goal?

Voice it! Go for it!

Thank you lovely girl for reminding me why it is I do what I do!

Travelling the world and working in my own business. It's a Lovelly Life
Travelling the world and working in my own business. It’s a Lovelly Life

Inspired Adventure for a cause

Inspired Adventures is a charity challenge company who assist 1000’s of people raise MILLIONS of dollars for incredible causes and organisations around the world.


Director Emma Lovell has been on two amazing adventures with Inspired to Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and Machu Picchu for Black Dog Institute.



She is now featured in the new Ride to Happiness for Black Dog Institute Information pack withInspired Adventures talking about her most recent experience with this great charity.

black dog institute ride to haopiness pdf

Lovelly Communications has also been lucky enough to work with Inspired Adventures, reaching out to possible participants and using her story to encourage others to take on the challenge!


Will you give it a go? Can you conquer Kili or trek along the kokoda trail or cycle around Cambodia? What Adventure for a cause will you take on?

 life is about kicking ass and not kissing it

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Media Success in the Local Newspaper

Media success comes in many forms and all experience with the media adds to your brand and your profile. Any publicity, is good publicity – just manage it well!
This is another Sourcebottle success with a call out from the St Kilda area Leader.
There was a photo taken but unfortunately the article reduced to this column size only.
Make sure to keep all your media clippings on file for future reference.

The Chat Room- Social Media Seminar

Ever wondered how to use Social Media for your business?

Come and see 6 specialists talk about this very topic.


Lovelly Communications will be skyping in with a video presentation on Integrated Marketing Campaigns.

Get your early bird tickets now!!! Ends October 10th.


The event is posted on Facebook:

and we have a dedicated ticket selling website:

The website is The Chat Room: for all our updates and information in the lead up to this great event!


More details:

– Bringing the online offline for 4 hours at RMIT in October.
– Interact with young tastemakers leading the way in online, baby boomer interpreters (to spell out our GenY speak) and existing and expanding well known brands.
– Ideal for small to medium business owners and anyone looking at building up their own personal / artist brand. and to register tickets:

Hosted by:
– Justine JMAC McInerney (Comedian / Nova100)

Panel Includes:
– Chantelle Baxter (One Girl / TEDx Talks)
– Jess Hatzis and Erika Geraerts (Willow & Blake)
– James Purcell (The Purcell Report / Red Bull)
– Annette Maloney (AM to PM consulting)
– Simone Marshall (Two Hands Agency)
– Samantha Doyle (Guerrilla Marketing Australia)

Guest Skype Call From:
– Emma Lovell (Lovelly Communications)

Percentage of ticket sales all going to the ONE GIRL Organisation, for their October campaign ‘Do it in a Dress’. That said; speakers will be DOING this in a school dress. Yes, Purcell too. Those attending are encouraged to sign up to, become an ambassador, wear a dress to the event and raise some extra funds 😉

Sponsored by RMIT, Stepback Entertainment and (TBC *inquire within*).

Register your interest now, as this event will sell out.

When: 10am – 2pm, Wednesday 24th October
Where: RMIT Melbourne City, Building 80, Level 4, Room 06, Swanston St (entrance near the corner of Franklin St)
Bring: Open mind, smart phones, nuts.
General: $179. Student: $129
Register Now:

PS – ‘LIKE’ our page. This is only the beginning. Next event will blow your organic minds.

Lovelly Communications filming for a TV Show

Last week Lovelly Communications Director, Emma Lovell, had the pleasure of filming for a TV show.

After seeing a shout out from a journalist on Sourcebottle, a website for PR and journalists, Emma wrote back her response and was contacted by the TV show for an interview. After a short phone interview, a TV interview was arranged for Friday 21st September.

Emma is dressed and ready to go

Filmed at Emma’s Office, aka her house, and local cafe’s where she also works.

Preparing for the cafe scene

We can’t yet say what show this will be, however as soon as we know the date it will go to air- we will let you all know.

And Action! For the montage shots

Watch this space.

I do recommend signing up for sourcebottle for small businesses. This is a great way to get extra promotion for your business and direct access to journalists.

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