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Does your brand align?

Ever met someone you've followed online and been disappointed or surprised at what they are really like in person?Chances are their personal brand is out of alignment.

Recently I joined a webinar that really enticed me. The speaker had a great image, talked about raising your profile online and it was a topic that I was highly engaged with. I checked out the speaker on Linkedin prior too and had seen some other promotional material about her so was starting to get a sense of her.

When I joined the webinar, I had to double check to see if i was in the right session. The speaker looked quite different to their image and the promotional material, but that can happen on a live call and due to the quality of the video streaming, so once confirmed I settled in.

I liked what the speaker was saying and agreed with a lot of what she was talking about in terms of online presence and connecting online. She really advocated for the power of networking and encouraged people on the webinar to get in touch. For no other reason than for a “virtual coffee” and she said that a lot of her business success over the years had come from her consistent coffee meetings – including a connection to Drew Barrymore.

So I reached out on Linkedin! As many of you would have seen, I’m really passionate about networking and connecting too and also contribute the longevity of my business to networking.

We connected. We arranged a call. And then it all unravelled rather quickly.

This was a sales call. Straight up. “So what can I do for you?”

I was so taken aback, I stuttered “Oh… ummm. I just wanted to connect. … I agreed with a lot of what you said on the webinar and so thought we could be in touch.”

It turns out we pretty much do the same thing – in terms of helping people to connect and communicate with their own brand. But what was massively missing for me was the alignment of HER brand.

From the warm and successful woman in the image I saw, to the totally different looking but clearly knowledgeable woman on the webinar to the “I’ve got 5 minutes, let’s get on with it” attitude on the call, I was totally disengaged after the experience.

The images, although beautiful, were not a true representation of how this person is in real life. And for me, sadly, she wasn’t walking the walk of the talk she was talking. It was really disappointing and disheartening.

I whole heartedly support and believe in authenticity in your personal brand. And for me this means being in alignment across all communication channels – when in person, when online, when on a call, at work, at home – consistency! IF you’re not consistent, and if you’ve “built” a brand that isn’t based on who you authentically are, then it’s going to be mighty hard to maintain it.

You don’t need to be what others want you to be. You don’t need to be bigger than you are. You don’t need an image out there that is anything other than what truly represents you.

This was such a great reminder for me about being true to yourself and consistently sharing who you are.

Is your brand aligned?

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Not sure where to start with personal branding?

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Live and Love your brand by Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications eBook

Not sure where to start with personal branding?

Live and Love your brand by Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications eBook

Get your FREE Live & Love Your Brand Guide: An introduction to personal branding here!