Viking Biking TV

Introducing you to an amazing initiative by two young men who are giving LIFE A GO!

The Viking Biking Project.

The guys started this adventure after taking on an incredible Inspired Adventure which I love to go on, and learnt more about Amnesty International and the amazing country of Cambodia. This led them on to their next epic adventure:

The Viking Biking adventure isn’t just about having fun and showing the beautiful people and countryside of Cambodia, it’s about two mates learning who they are and finding out what they’re capable of. This is a story of friendship, adversity, beauty and inspiration that will not only entertain, but inspire people to get out there and make a difference themselves, to discover the world, to challenge their ideals and to make the most of this beautiful life we are given.

Learn more about this great project at:


A message from the lovely Dave Zwolenski who is running this great initiative:

“Without your support we really cannot make this dream happen, and so we ask from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Small amounts are great. $10, $20, whatever you can spare… but if you can go a bit higher into the $50’s and $100’s, then that’s even more amazing. – that is our site

If you really can’t give (and we totally get it) then please tell your friends about us. Tweet about us. Facebook about us. Blog about us. Whatever you can to spread the word about two best friends riding their bikes around the world, dressed as Vikings, because they want to experience life to the fullest and to turn those experiences into entertainment for you to watch and hopefully laugh at.”



Our aim is that once this pilot has been made, we present it to as many networks and production companies as we can, and, as it will be the most entertaining and wild pilot anyone has ever seen, a network would be crazy to say no to turning it into a full series. Our overall goal is for us to ride six (maybe more) countries around the world dressed in our Viking gear, making new friends and exploring parts of the world many dare fear, filming the entire trip, show you aspects of the world you never knew existed.

This is our dream guys! We want to open people’s eyes to the world, inspire you, make you laugh, entertain you and hopefully add to the current Australian television landscape by producing home-grown, good quality TV that people can relate to. We appreciate your support and promise to deliver a TV Pilot that will make you laugh, cry (honestly there is one scene that you will need a box of tissues for) and above all, entertain.

We sincerely Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! (SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!)

Lots of love and respect from Viking Dave and Viking Redd (and Viking Camera-Man Dan).

So get behind these guys and help them make a difference!

Business Profile: Matt Brine and The Fundraising People

Charity, giving, kindness and fun – these are all encompassed in The Fundraising People and their incredible leader Matt Brine.
I had the pleasure of meeting Matt as we trekked to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Rooftop of Africa. Matt was my inspiring guide who gave us not only great encouragement and support, but also wise advice and great conversations.
I learnt so much from Matt about Charity and Fundraising as he has helped many charities raise millions for such worthy causes. Learn why Matt and his lovely wife Rachel started this great business and what drives them to keep raising the bar for Charity.
  1. Name; Matthew Brine
  2. Occupation/ business: The Fundraising People, making profits for non-profits
  3. Position: Director
  4. Country of Residence; Australia
  5. email/contact/ website :, 0425244444, 
  6. Twitter handle/ Facebook/ Linkedin/ YouTube page; @Fund_Raisers Facebook: the fundraising people. 

The Fundraising People

  1. Give us your elevator pitch. What does your business do?

We raise money for non profits by inspiring members of the public on the street and in shopping centres to think about some other than themselves and give a regular donation, via their bank account or credit card, to a cause that makes a difference to people all over the World.

8. When did you start your business? November 2008

9. What’s your passion? Raising $ for charity, my family, making a difference ensuring a leave a positive legacy

10. What do you love most about running your business? My awesome team of inspired leaders.

The Fundraising People

11.What are three difficulties you face in running your business?

  1. Public apathy
  2. Making profit whilst working with non-profits
  3. Hitting our ambitious targets12. What are three pieces of advice you would give to someone starting their own business?

    1. Get a good accountant and ensure you have a handle on the $
    2. Ensure you have staff that are disciplined and passionate
    3.  Find out what you are best at and stick to it

    13. Tell us, with an anecdote, why your business has changed your life?

Everyday I wake up knowing my work saves lives. I work with an awesome bunch of people who are all committed to changing the world for the better by saving lives and making a difference.

14. How do you manage a work/life balance? It is tricky as my wife is a fellow Director. I ensure that I take time off to spend with the kids, I especially enjoy the spontaneous decisions to go to the beach or the movies… The kids love the excitement!


15. What movie most inspires you in running your business? Gandhi springs to mind. His total commitment to his passion in a non violent way is truly inspirational and something we talk about with our fundraisers a lot.

16. The best book to read before starting a business or when running a business? the E-Myth is an absolute must. I read it before starting my business and it made a huge difference in the set up phase.

17.  Your favourite inspiration/ motivation/ business quote?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change 
Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ― Margaret Mead


18. The 4 words that best describe your business? Inspired, Leadership, Passionate, Community

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