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Why I’m prioritising rest this year in order to build more!

If your year has started off anything like mine, you might be just easing into things now.

Welcome to 2022!! Let’s get this party started.


I had planned to start back on 4 January but quickly realised I was NOT ready and what was needed was simply rest. 


After a wonderful (and long-awaited) celebration of my marriage (2 years, and 4 postponements in the making) as well as my son’s 1st birthday, I was again ready for rest. Then COVID caught up with me – and there was nothing left to do but … REST!


Clearly, the universe was trying to send a message and sometimes it takes hearing the message a few times, or a few hundred before we take action.


This can be true with your personal brand too. You can’t just show up a couple of times and instantly build a strong brand that connects you to your audience. It takes consistency, it requires trust, it involves nurturing and then – it can build.


So in order to build this year, I am prioritising rest. You may have seen me talking about my mantra toward the end of last year “rest & receive”. Well, that theme is continuing this year – and I’ve even got an exciting new offering that focuses all around rest!


In case you’re anything like me, and you feel that you first need permission, I am going to give it to you right now. Look after yourself! Put your oxygen mask on first! Fill your cup! And the simplest and most loving way that you can do this, is rest!!


The best bit is that when you rest, you create space and from there wonderful things can be built. That’s what I’m all about this year. Building on the fabulous foundation that already exists here at Lovelly HQ and I want to help you BUILD too!! 


So, in 2022, these are the ways that you can work with me!


1. Lovelly Brand Builders 

My NEW program is launching NEXT WEEK and I would love to welcome YOU! Lovelly Brand Builders is a 12-month program that supports female leaders to show up and make an impact with integrity. You’ll have access to a Personal Branding Coach, and your #1 cheerleader – me! I’ll help you get super clear on your message, your mission and your brand goals. With monthly training, group coaching and an incredibly supportive community, you will build your brand, grow your business and unapologetically show the world who you are!  


Want to get the inside scoop? Comment below with I’M READY TO BUILD!


2. How to Live & Love Your Brand Course

Are you ready to start showing up more? Do you want to get clear on who you are and how to share that message with the world? 


Then my How to Live and Love Your Brand course is for you. Click here to learn more and join the waitlist for when this goes LIVE again (very soon). This is an 8-week self guided course to get you started on your personal brand journey and start sharing your message and mission with the world.


3. Strategic Coaching Package | 1-on-1 with your Personal Brand Coach

I’ve got limited spots in my one-on-one coaching program for women who are ready to take their brand to the next level and get laser focused. If you’ve been building your brand and you’re gaining momentum but you’re unsure of where to go next, this could be for you. Comment below with CHEERLEADER to arrange a time to discuss this service.


What’s coming… 

Great Question! I’m glad you’ve asked!! 


In-person, face to face, in real life EVENTS! That’s what’s coming. I’ll let you in on the secret with more details to come soon. 

1. RETREATS – Get ready to Rest & Receive!

2. PERSONAL BRAND PHOTOSHOOT DAYS – It’s time to show up and this is a FAB place to start!


Ok! It’s gonna be an amazing year! I’m so excited to have you here. Let’s do this.



Emma “Lovelly” Lovell

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Not sure where to start with personal branding?

Get your FREE Live & Love Your Brand Guide: An introduction to personal branding here!

Live and Love your brand by Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications eBook

Not sure where to start with personal branding?

Live and Love your brand by Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications eBook

Get your FREE Live & Love Your Brand Guide: An introduction to personal branding here!