Social Media Workshop Sydney: Maximise your efforts on Social Media

After a great workshop in Sydney in May with some really engaged participants, Lovelly Communications is again hosting a Social Media Workshop in Sydney. Tickets available at Eventbrite:  Social Media Workshop Sydney: Maximise your efforts on Social Media Whether you’re a business or a budding professional, social media is a powerful medium for you toContinue reading “Social Media Workshop Sydney: Maximise your efforts on Social Media”

How to better promote yourself on social media – Sydney workshop

We are very proud to be offering our first ever Social Media workshops. They will be held at the Office Tower, Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney on Thursday, 21st May. View the link for more details and we look forward to sharing our social media insight with you. Tickets available here on Eventbrite! Whether you’re aContinue reading “How to better promote yourself on social media – Sydney workshop”

Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media

Social media is  a part of marketing in today’s business climate. It just is. Whether you want to get on board or not, it’s happening. But how can we make the most of it? Emma Lovell, Director of Lovelly Communications, has been sharing her insight into the world of social media via monthly articles withContinue reading “Writing for Social Biz Magazine on social media”

Writing for Social Biz Magazine

Loving writing regular articles for Social Biz Magazine about all things Social Media. As this is a fast growing industry and changing each and everyday, it’s important to share knowledge amongst the online community. We at Lovelly Communications believe in the power of engagement and sharing of thoughts and idea. The articles have given usContinue reading “Writing for Social Biz Magazine”

Think of your Social Media Experience as a Cake Shop

  Let’s think of your business as a physical business say a cake shop. It’s so exciting when you first start your business and you open up the shop and you’ve prepared all the cakes. And you shout out. “I have a business! I have a cake shop.” Now! You can have the best cakeContinue reading “Think of your Social Media Experience as a Cake Shop”

Make Your Content More Social

We can’t claim the fame for this fabulous advice. All credit going to Johanna from Strawberry Communications for these top tips. Social Media is important but you must make sure you have an integrated marketing campaign.   Most businesses have an online presence now, but not all are utilising the full extent of that presenceContinue reading “Make Your Content More Social”