Make Your Content More Social

We can’t claim the fame for this fabulous advice. All credit going to Johanna from Strawberry Communications for these top tips. Social Media is important but you must make sure you have an integrated marketing campaign.


Most businesses have an online presence now, but not all are utilising the full extent of that presence in their PR activities.

Posting your articles, media releases and blogs on your social media platforms and websites can introduce your expertise to a new audience, increase your SEO, encourage new visitors to your website and bump up your search engine rankings.

Here are seven ways you can do all this by simply using the content you already have and spreading it further.

  1. Post your media release to your website news page or blog.
  2. Upload media releases to online PR websites like Newsmaker or PR Wire.
  3. Link to references and studies in articles, blogs and media releases so people can find out more about the topic easily.
  4. Label photos used on websites and in blogs with a descriptive title so they can be found in online searches and link back to you (this is particularly important if you use Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram).
  5. Share new articles, media releases and blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and any other social media networks you use, making sure you post at the times your ideal customers visit those platforms.
  6. Comment on other people’s articles and blog posts so you can show expertise in your topic and include your website at the end so people can find you if they like what you said.
  7. Share and retweet articles and posts that will be of interest to your audience and add a comment or introduction explaining why it is relevant.

By adding a few extra steps to your online interactions your website analytics, follower count, online mentions and even your client list will grow. 


Thanks for the great advice Johanna and learn more about Strawberry Communications here:

About Strawberry Communications
ImageStrawberry Communications generates amazing publicity. Our agency tells business stories using public relations and writing through a number of online and offline mediums.

Writer and PR consultant Johanna Baker-Dowdell started Strawberry Communications in 2007 to help businesses tell their story. Strawberry Communications is based in Launceston, above the Tamar River, Tasmania, but servicing clients all over Australia (and sometimes the world).

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