Think of your Social Media Experience as a Cake Shop


Let’s think of your business as a physical business say a cake shop. It’s so exciting when you first start your business and you open up the shop and you’ve prepared all the cakes. And you shout out. “I have a business! I have a cake shop.” Now! You can have the best cake shop in the world but unless you promote it with a sign out the front and tell people to come, no ones going to come.

So you hand out business cards, give out flyers –  people start to come.

Great- so you are getting business. Because you went out there and told people about it! ONLINE is going to work in the same way.


Social Media Cake!
Social Media Cake!

If you don’t tell people that you have a social media page, that your have a facebook page – they’re not going to come – if there are no links on your website or a listing of what your twitter handle is, how would someone know they could write to you there?


Next step is making sure that message is clear. You tell people you are open and you sell cakes and they are the best cakes in the world. Now all of your business cards, website, flyers and WOM has to be say “best cakes in the world”. Consistent messaging should be part of your marketing campaign and ensuring all modes of communication and all channels of promotion carry the same message.


Now how does Social Media come in? Social Media works like you standing at the front of your shop telling people to come in x 100 x 1000! Most importantly look at the Insights on Facebook where although you may have 100 friends, your messages and updates can reach 51,000 friends…. That’s powerful!


So Social Media is WOM but a much larger platform and with a lot more stay power and a lot more fun.

Lovelly to hear from you

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