#LoveWins – Celebrate Pride – One of the best things I’ve seen on Facebook and Social Media in general

It was a beautiful sight to wake up on Saturday morning to a sea of rainbows on my Facebook feed. #Lovewins and so many people were willing to celebrate pride. Facebook were quick to the party in making their www.facebook.com/celebratepride app and I think it has to be one of my favourite applications they’ve ever made.


It was super easy and quick to change your profile over and have your profile image now coloured in a wonderful rainbow. Now I love rainbows at the best of times but on this historic day where the USA made marriage legal in EVERY state, it was spectacular to see social media come alive with celebration. It was a simple yet effective action. People could show their support by clicking through a few simple steps. This is what we want from our social media and Facebook delivered a user friendly and fun way to show action!

Screenshot 2015-06-28 19.03.02

This was not the day for the bigots or haters. Nobody wanted to hear it. As I saw more and more rainbows fill up my feed, I felt so happy to have the friends I have. Like minded, loving people who want everyone to be able to share the same right and live the life they want to lead.

Screenshot 2015-06-28 17.11.22

Jumping on to write this blog and then I see even WordPress has got in on the action! Awesome stuff. Rainbows all over social media and it’s great to see that people are waving the political correctness to get behind something they believe in. There’s been too much hatred and separation for too long. The beautiful rainbow is a great symbol for this occasion.


Some wonderful images have come out subsequently as well- unicorns and rainbows are my favourites! Ride it Obama!

The only sad thing over this weekend has been the voicing of the fact that Australia is now lagging far behind the world in human rights… we do not have marriage equality in Australia. Let’s hope that this can be the kickstart we need.

I’m seeing rainbows everywhere I walk now 🙂 It’s a lovely thing! I hope this kindness, support and love can stay for a little longer than just the weekend of a momentous occasion.


Let us take the step now to #marriageequality. Let us cheer when #lovewins in Australia!!

Lovelly to hear from you

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