Let people do their job


If someone is good at something, they should do it!


Accounting, can do it, but I detest it.

Ironing, not my fave chore, some people can earn a living- good for them- happy to pay you.

Plucking my eyebrows kills!! I’ll gladly pay someone to wax them for me!


Why are people so critical of paying someone else to do a job? You provide them with an income and you allow yourself time to do tasks you are better suited to.


Sure, people can walk their dogs and pick up their poo and take care of them in the holidays, but hey, if they re ging to pay me $40 AUD on a Sunday to do it for them, I’m going to gladly provide that service!! And I did as a 16 year old.


Now, I’m a marketing and PR specialist. People are time poor, they don’t have time to think of fun things to say on social media or an email campaign to reach new customers. They have a business to run and staff to organise. This is where I come in.


If you are trying to run a one man show and it’s not quite working out as you feel you are pulled in 5 directions all at once, why not outsource? Get an accountant, get some marketing help and focus on the core of your business – the thing that YOU do best!


Lovelly to hear from you

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