Building Relationships Via Social Media


Talk to people. Get to know them. Make Friends. Get Business.


This can all happen on Twitter but it does take time and work. Like any relationship, you must communicate, listen and take time to develop.


Some tips for good communication and relationship building.


  • Reach out to your followers- respond to their treats or start a conversation based on their profile, compliment them or comment on their activities.
  • Thank your re-tweeters and commenters. This is a great way to build conversation in the beginning and also be a good online citizen.
  • Don’t have ulterior motives- people see right through it- commenting back just to promote your business can be seen as cheap and annoying.
  • Be genuine, honest and open in your communications
  • Don’t be too salesy. Too much talk about your promotions, specials, deals and services will turn followers away


  • Retweet others for the sake of retweeting. Sometimes it’s nice just to retweet a follower or new acquaintance just because what they are doing is good. You like their article, you think their post is fun, reward them by sharing it- with no hope of a return, just because you can
  • Listen to others- watch and read conversations and interactions. Don’t just jump in and start commenting, sometimes there is an existing relationship and you may just learn from reading on. Interact when you have relevant information or comments to make.


  • Enjoy it! Make friends, have a laugh, read some great articles- and enjoy the twitter atmosphere.

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