Professional Presence & Impact – Personal Brand Workshop with REDgum Communications

I’m very excited to announce that I will be taking part in the Professional Presence & Impact – Personal Brand Workshop with REDgum Communications next week.

I had the pleasure of working with REDgum Communications last year on their Social Media campaign and am thrilled to finally be taking part in one of their courses.


You can book in for the workshop here :


Professional Presence and Impact – Personal Brand

REDgum Communications is delighted to offer one-day workshops in Personal Brand with James Freemantle.

Your personal brand is your promise of an experience to your client. Who’s your client? Everyone with whom you interact.

Trouble is, no-one knows exactly how they are perceived, described or experienced by others. Confidence can be seen as arrogance, shyness as disinterest, ambition as bravado… We help you shape your everyday communications – visually, vocally and verbally – so that your reputation and presence are completely aligned with your business and life goals.

Know yourself to become strong.positive.clear!

The workshop will cover:
  • Understanding brand in a marketing sense
  • Defining personal brand (from values to visuals)
  • Defining and differentiating your own personal brand
  • Becoming aware of your ‘default settings’ and blind spots in communication
  • Honing communications so that others experience you according to the personal brand you’ve determined for yourself
  • Strategy and action to consistently deliver on your personal brand targets
You’ll find answers to these and other important questions:
  • what is your default setting?
  • what is your optimal brand?
  • how will you communicate your brand?
  • how do you preserve your integrity while creating your brand?
  • how will you influence others to take action?
We’ll film you so you can see yourself in action – we have a strong bias towards experience and practice, which helps you implement these strategies straight away, ensuring they have an impact that lasts.
This is a challenging and rewarding workshop that enables people to accurately define their strengths, find their most positive presence and communicate.
Our open workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 participants, so you get plenty of individual coaching throughout the day.
Learn more about REDgum Communications:

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