500 Likes Campaign in May

This month Lovelly Communications has set the goal of achieving 500 likes by the end of the month of May.

The current total of Likes is 354 (The campaign started on Social Media on Wednesday 8th May with the total at the time of 354 Likes).



As a general rule, Lovelly Communications has not advertised or marketed the business actively – it has grown organically through content on Twitter @Lovellyinc, Facebook – www.facebook.com/lovellycommunications and by word of mouth. Business cards and email signature have also been highly beneficial in terms of getting the word out about the business. And of course, this here blog and website which has the space for  a lot of content.


Have you ever done a Likes campaign?

Would you ever use a business to help you generate likes?

We don’t believe in Likes for the sake of Likes, we want to engage and generate conversation with the online community. For this reason, we would never engage a $$ for Likes program or contract.


Have you ever used Facebook Advertising? We think Facebook advertising is great and relevant to the medium – as long as you are offering something specific and beneficial to your audience, it can work.


We can’t wait to see how this campaign goes and we will report back at the end of month.

Don’t forget to LIKE –  www.facebook.com/lovellycommunications

Lovelly to hear from you

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