Avirate en-route to Australia

Very excited to share the news that my friend in Sri Lanka’s beautiful fashion label, Avirate, is now available on an Australian website. Read more directly from the team at Avirate.


The high-street fashion label Avirate will be joining a large and diverse portal of online retailers in Australia effective as of 22 May 2013 with their brand new Australia website. With Australian buyers and businesses having embraced almost every online retail opportunity and Avirate increasingly focusing on a ‘click-and-mortar’ type business model, the brand deems important presence and growth in the attractive online retail market. Avirate will be able to offer a unique blend of Asian and Western inspired fashion trends to a multiethnic society that is far removed from the archetypal dress for the Australian woman.



A hallmark of the world’s most successful online retailers is the way they continually innovate to meet customer demands, and in 2013 particularly, the brand has made a notable effort to increase its digital footprint involving web-based interaction while simultaneously offering a more personalized service, as evident in the newly re-launched Sri Lankan website. With these efforts, Avirate hopes to be in the wardrobe of every Australian woman via quick and easy ‘clicks’ while enabling the brand to achieve one of their key goals for this year; sustainable growth.

Visit www.aviratefashion.com.au for these wonderful fashions today!


Lovelly to hear from you

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