Share your feedback, make someones day!

Two years ago, I worked at the Australian Open with Jacobs Creek. This is a great time of year in Melbourne. Sun is shining, the tennis is on and there is an incredible atmosphere.

This is when I get to do my hands on promotional and marketing experience. Talking to customers, hearing their brand experiences and getting to engage with the general pubblic. This is nice when you are a sole trader/ freelancer. This is networking for me and a chance to let go a little, I’m not running the campaign so I get to enjoy watching how it all works! I was employed by Jacobs Creek for the time as a brand ambassador and one woman I met was so impressed with our engagement that she took to Facebook! She asked my name and made a point of telling me she would make the comments to the brand. And to my delight, she did!

jacobs creek feedback

I again worked at the Australian Open in 2013 and again bumped into this lovely lady. We both remembered one another and it truly brightened my day. She re-iterated her lovely comments and I got to thank her in person.

Don’t underestimate the power of a compliment, especially when it is shared on Social Media and directly to the brand they are working with.

Feedback, whether it be good or bad, is a gift. It either acknowledges the great work we are doing or tells us we need to lift our game. No feedback is the worst feedback. Share your thoughts, you never know how much they’ll be appreciated.

Thank you Julie Becker for your kind words.

Written by Emma Lovell, Lovelly Communications Director

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