Why we think Social Media is important!

This is quite a simple breakdown of Facebook and Twitter and how you can use these mediums to interact with clients and gain awareness for your business.


Twitter is a newsfeed of rapid information coming from the 
people who follow you and who you follow. It is not important to
 read all of these, but really just to have some communication, build some
 relationships with relevant contacts and to also be putting out valuable

Twitter is a great way to reach many new people that we never
 would have through traditional marketing such as newsletter, bulletins 
and advertising through industry or media. You can build a network in your sphere.


Facebook is for friends. It’s for a closer network. This is a great way to reach some of the 
people already interacting with your business and share it through their network. People will
 love showing their connection with you and being able to share your business with their friends. They will enjoy knowing what’s happening in your business, being in the 
know- it’s a great marketing advantage. Phrases such as “Be the first to
 sign up through Facebook for my newsletter” or “get a great deal or package” would definitely pull
 people in.


Having the Facebook and Twitter tabs on the website is essential. Sharing through friends and
 our networks is not enough. The tabs also need to be advertised through 
your newsletter, business cards, website and email signature so as to advise people that’s how they can
 communicate with you.


Image from danhaesler.com
Image from danhaesler.com

In short- being on social media allows your business to have a
 further presence on the web and throughout alternative industries.
 Social media will help your business reach new markets and potential
 new supporters and members who would otherwise not have known about it. It
 also gives the chance to build stronger and fresher relationships with
 existing clients and colleagues through a new medium.

image from makeuseof.com
image from makeuseof.com

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