How our vision moved to Ibiza

I recently spent 4 days in Ibiza with this amazing couple and they are most certainly living the dream. Congratulations!


Dare to dream

For me and my partner starting a business, starting to realise our potential, having the courage to break away from everything we knew, jump into another life, another way of thinking, another country, at first it was hard.

Here’s the thing. We had a functioning and growing business in the UK. If persevered we believed could have been very profitable. We had our family, our friends, everything was good. So why move?

Creating a vision 


 3 years ago me and my partner created our vision board, which we still have in our room and look at every day.  Family, health, wealth, happiness and business growth. This is to be our piece of the world. This is our daily reminder, our end goal and when things get tough, the reason why we persevere.

I have always believed in having a vision. I have always believed in creating your own destiny. I…

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