5 simple steps to promote yourself on Social Media

5 simple steps to promote yourself on Social Media:


  1. Generate interesting and exciting content. Make it personal, welcoming and friendly.
  2. Ask your friends to share and engage. A friend starting to comment and sharing to their network can be a great jump to more people stepping up and engaging and following what you’re doing
  3. Ask a question. This is not your own personal newspaper! This is a two-way conversation so invite your audience to speak to you. It can be as simple as “What’s your favourite song?” “Why do you love Mondays?” or “Where shall I go next on my World Tour?” People love to be heard!
  4. Thank your audience. If your customers, friends or followers take the time to make a comment, share a photo or tell their friends about what you’re doing, Thank them. The power of thanks is immense! It will also encourage them to engage in the future. Can you imagine hearing from your favourite band after you told them you loved their recent show! What a thrill!
  5. Be consistent! Don’t just slam your page with content when you’ve got a gig coming up and you’re trying to push it. These people have chosen to follow your social media accounts for a reason. So let them know what’s happening. We’ve got a show, we’re working on a new album, we’re enjoying time with our families. Let them share in what you’re doing and grow the relationship, the trust and the connection.

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