There was a hold up at the Hair Saloon!

Our director Emma has just got back from Uganda with World Vision Australia and the #WVAbloggers Ambassador trip. She loved meeting young entrepreneurs and even got her hair braided by some of the young women from a vocational skills training program. Read more on her travel blog:

Lovelly Travels

The hold up at the saloon being me butting in front of all the customers to get my hair did. And I did!! Wow, these Ugandan women are brave… this thing hurts!

Photo: Suzy Sainovski/World Vision Photo: Suzy Sainovski/World Vision

Hair Saloon. Yes. That is correct. This is not a typo. This was the name of our second site visit on our first day of project visits in Uganda on Monday 24 November. We stepped into a small open-front shop filled with about eight women and four small children. This was one of the vocational skills training/ apprenticeship success stories from the AWAKE Uganda program with the support of Iyolwa ADP.

The goal of these visits is to see the projects in action. We attend the businesses, community groups and sites to understand the need of the community and how the programs are working to benefit those in the area. I on the other…

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