Updates from the #NepalEarthquake from someone on the ground!

World Vision Australia need your support. Donate here: https://emergencies.worldvision.com.au/#/donate/nepal-earthquake?source=ER-NepalEarthquake_SEM_SEM_SEM

Still so much happening in Nepal, 3200 people confirmed dead and more news coming in. My thoughts are with the people and with my friend Matt Darvas, working in Gorkha Nepal, helping remote villages.

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Thoughts are with World Vision Australia staff member Matt Darvas today as he heads to one of the hardest hit areas by #nepalearthquake. Matt is in the heart of the epicentre near Gorkha and heading to the most remote villages in this region to offer supplies and support.

Donations can be made here to support the efforts of crews on the ground: 

Driving into Gorkha Driving into Gorkha

You can hear him speaking on BBC radio about his experience in Pokhara. My team and I were there less than a month ago. A peaceful lakeside town now over run with casualties from this disaster.

“The ground shook for 3 minutes” @mdarvas descibes the aftershocks in Pokharabbc.in/1EFiywH #Nepalquake

Pokhara one month ago. Pokhara one month ago.

Just can’t believe the destruction in ‪#‎Nepal‬‪#‎durbarsquare‬ ‪#‎patan‬yesterday. I was there in 2006. See the bell…. Now look around … Support @worldvisionaus to get aid to ‪#‎Nepalquake‬

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