Dr Professor Neal Portenza

Terrifically clever, outrageous antics and constant laughs. This is the new show from Dr Neal Portenza and it’s brilliant as ever. It’s the third I’ve seen now and each time I’m wowed by how far he can push the envelope. Everytime you think you know what’s happening … he turns another ridiculous corner into the obscure and random.

The show included a few added extras with some rather loud hecklers which only added fuel to the Neal Portenza fire of comedy. His quick reactions and the nature of the interactive show only made it more fun! If you don’t want to get involved… don’t see this show! It’s one in all in, the more you engage the more fun you’ll have and the more laughs the audience will get!

This show was awesome!!! Get to ‪#‎sydneycomedyfestival‬ & see the ridiculous hilarity that is ‪#‎drprofessornealportenza‬.

Lovelly Travels

Very excited to see the new show from the hilarious and crazy Dr Professor Neal Portenza in Sydney tonight. A show where you never know what to expect! The show is called,



I’m very curious to see what antics he has in store this time…. eek! Always fun, always silly and very very entertaining.

WINNER: Best Comedy, 2012 Melbourne Fringe.

SOLD OUT: Edinburgh Fringe 2013, PerthFringeWorld 2014, Adelaide Fringe 2014.

NOMINEE: Golden Gibbo 2011 MICF.

There’s simply nothing like a Neal Portenza show. A glorious, chaotic, deceptively clever hour of inspired stupidity.




Q: You like Shaun Micallef, Sam Simmons & The Mighty Boosh?

A: You’ll (possibly) also love Dr. Professor Neal Portenza? (Comedy is subjective though).

Q: Will there be a real autopsy?

A: No, probably not; it’s just a title, don’t…

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