Calypso Nights at Wonderland Festival, Brisbane, 17-20 December, 2015

I would like to invite you into the world of Juan Vesuvius and his clowning DJ, music lesson, dance party aka Calypso Nights! Please see the media release attached to learn more about Calypso Nights at  Wonderland Festival, Brisbane, and the man behind the eclectic Juan Vesuvius, Barnie Duncan. Interviews can be arranged with Barnie or Juan or both!

calypso nights

Calypso Nights is a truly unique experience ending with an all-in Latin dance party. The show entertains and expands minds with the audience delving into a world of previously unknown music and questionable geo-political leanings with their lovable-idiot guide, Juan. Part dance party, part Calypso music lesson – Juan is ready to take Brisbane by storm with his outlandish shirts, exceptional vinyl mixing skills, and four minute maraca solo. Do you like this?

juan vesubius

Calypso Nights was a breakout hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014; winning audiences, five star reviews and The Skinny (Edinburgh’s Rip It Up) ‘Genius Award’ for the month-long season at the world’s largest arts festival. The show was also nominated for Best Newcomer at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015.

You can see more of Juan Vesuvius on:

Show details:
Title: Calypso Nights
Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse
Dates: 9pm, Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 December
Tickets: $25 + transaction fee
($3 single/$6 multiple tickets)
Bookings: 07 3358 8600

AND! For my readers there is a special code word to get two for the price of one tickets! Just say 2FORJUAN when buying your tickets through and they are yours!!


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