Anthony Salame is Funny!

Anthony Salame – King of Urban Comedy – is a funny man!

anthony salame

I had the pleasure of watching his hilarious DVD recently, “Is this Thing On?”. I was having a lazy Sunday and this was the perfect thing to bring me out of my lethargic state. With hilarity and side splitting laughter!!

I’m originally from Sydney, as is Salame, and a lot of his humour was based around the people of Sydney of many backgrounds, colours, heritage and more. It was so spot on – my favourite being the reference of Serbians being much like Seagulls and Australians being like Cockatoos.

Salame does some wonderful impersonations as well as breaks into song on various occasions with hilarious variations of well known songs – although I love Nickelback, Salame ripped them to shreds and got them spot on!

If you love Aussie comedy, you must get on to Mr Anthony Salame – a great guy and funny man.



Twitter: @AnthonySalame

Anthony’s first DVD release “Is This Thing On?” has been nominated for a 2012 Aria award for “Best Comedy Release”. The DVD is available at or in store at JB HiFi or Sanity.

Check out his new show live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney International Comedy Festival, “Clown Prince”.

Tickets can be purchased here: clown prince SALAME

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