Could you survive on one small box of food for a week?

Could you survive on one small box of food for a week?

Bec Melrose is doing it and she’s raising money for refugees!

Here is the poem she sent Emma for donating over $20. What a great fundraising idea and special way to thank you supporters!

Thank you for donating Em,
To my week of refugee rations,
And supporting me with publicity,
For one of my dearest passions.
I look forward to breaking the fast,
This starvation has taken its toll,
The only thing higher than my spirit,
Will be my cholesterol.
Thanks to you we’ve reached our goal,
And my empty belly is pleased,
We’ve raised enough for a years supply,
For least 25 refugees!


Screenshot 2015-06-22 22.47.03

Lovelly Travels

It’s always incredible when someone takes a stand not only by clicking a button and saying “I support that” but by putting themselves physically through a process to make a point. My friend Rebecca Melrose is doing just that and standing up for Refugees in crisis. She is living this week on a set of fixed rations to experience what it’s like to be a refugee and survive on limited supplies. Since 16th June, Rebecca will be working out ways to make her rations stretch over the time – while also maintaining a full time job. Go Bec!

bec 5

Of course being in our first world situation we can never truly understand the desperate situation these people are in. Through sacrificing something from our lives and making ourselves uncomfortable we can however get a small glimpse. Rebecca has been sharing some amazing updates of how this activity is tracking and…

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