Happy to be a part of an article recently on #Activism for RMIT’s magazine Catalyst as a social media specialist and a World Vision Blog Ambassador. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by young writer Katie Coulthard who I believe has done a wonderful job on discussing this issue from both sides.


What is #activism? It’s standing up for what you believe in, it’s caring for a cause, backing something…. on social media. Is this true activism? Can we compare it to those who marched against the Vietnam War or who chain themselves to trees? Is this how we talk about what we believe in now.

Take a read of the article here: http://rmitcatalyst.com/activism/#comment-30306

Here is an excerpt:
Emma Lovell is a social media specialist and a World Vision blog ambassador. She says social media activism plays a big role in raising awareness of a cause or charity. “Some people are never going to have the opportunity to climb a mountain or see children immunised in Uganda and understand that. Social media is an easier way of sharing it,” she says.

Where do you stand on #activism ?

Lovelly to hear from you

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